Fred Firman

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Vice Chairman & Football Operations Director (Support to Chair, Match Day Operations)

Fred works for a large Port company where he is responsible for the day to day management of the Harbour Authority on the Humber Estuary. He has an operational management background and considerable experience of balancing the demands of a broad and varied spectrum of stakeholders to bring to the board in his role as Football Operations Director. 

Email: [email protected]

Fan Focus

Name: Fred Firman

Occupation: Harbour Master

Location: Hull

How many years a fan: lifelong

First Boro game and thoughts on it: I have vague memories of being at Wembley in 1977 and York away in 1978 neither of which relate to football - a bit like many of the best away days since! My memories of the football really start in the early eighties including a 4-4 draw with Worcester City when we managed to catch seven of the goals after getting in free at half time.

Why Boro: Afternoons and evenings out with Dad

How many games you attend a season: I probably miss half a dozen or so to keep my marriage and career on track.

Club Legend: Brian France

Cult Hero: Tommy Mooney

Best Game: Scarborough FC v Chelsea 3-2 1989

Worst Game: SAFC v Hyde United FA Cup 2017 – still gutted and need to get over it!

Most Memorable Moment: I will have to say the first SAFC competitive game against Teversal which I had to follow by text as my daughter Amy was being born!

Funniest Moment: Anything that annoys my long suffering fellow Seadog “Swiss” Tony Rudeforth – the bottle of Port I spilt over him before the away game at Southend in the FA Cup is a particular favourite.

Why you decided to join the Board? To help those who were working hard to try and ensure that we did not fall at the last hurdle on our journey home.

One positive thing you have realised about the club since joining the Board? The amount of work done by unsung volunteers helping out every day in the background.

Sum up the Exile in a sentence: I know I am in a minority here but I enjoyed it (while hoping it would end one day!).

Sum up what it means to return home in a sentence: Apart from an extra 45 minutes on the train it’s a great excuse to come home on a Saturday.

Hopes for the Future: To try and help us at least to get the Boro back to where it was when I found it, a respected club at the top of non-league football.

What you do to improve the club: Whatever I can to make us more professional, mainly managing the blood pressure of those working much harder and closer to home by keeping things in perspective on a daily basis.

Pre match ritual: Has changed through the years but most recently a cheeky pint with fellow directors in a nearby pub while we are “running late” has become the norm.


Your Scarborough All-Time XI

GK: Kevin Blackwell

DL: Neil Thompson (sorry Kempy)

DC: Harry Dunn

DC: Steve Richards

DR: Alan Kamara

ML: Martin Russell

MC: Neil Sellers

MC: Pete Davidson

MR: Tommy Graham

ST: Ryan Blott

ST: Tommy Mooney

MANAGER: Russell Slade 




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