Minutes of the 1st Working Party Meeting

Present: Richard Adamson
Simon Cope
Andy Crossland
David Hanson
Steve Smith
Sandra Troughton
David Wild (part)

Apologies: Ben Courtney

1. Copies of Stage Two section of the Supporters Direct handbook (Develop an effective working group and launch the Trust) issued to all present.

2. Over fifty completed volunteer sheets have been received. All volunteers to be contacted and thanked; also canvass for additional Working Party members.

3. The Trust needs a simple list of its key objectives. Simon Cope to draw up proposed list for discussion.

4. For simplicity & financial reasons, it was agreed to use the Supporters Direct model rules to register the Trust with the Financial Services Authority. Supporters Direct will pay the legal costs. Richard Adamson to go through the model rules, and list suggestions and/or alterations.

5. Membership types discussed. Basic membership has to cost around the same amount as a normal home game, according to Supporters Direct rules. Many trusts offer a tiered membership scheme (bronze, silver, gold), with differing subscription rates. Agreed that this would be a good way of securing additional regular income for the Trust. The Trust would have to be careful to stress that each level of membership would still be equal in terms of share ownership and voting rights. Andy Crossland and David Hanson to compile proposed membership scheme for discussion.

6. Supporters Direct have sent us an application form for the Co-Op bank account they recommend. Sandra Troughton to look at other suitable accounts as well.

7. Marketing.

7.1. One of the volunteers is a graphic designer; Simon Cope to meet her to discuss creation of a suitable logo for the Trust.

7.2. Getting the message to the fans – suggested handing out flyers/leaflets (using Trust logo & key objectives) at home games. We also have space in the matchday programme, and possible in Matty Lawson's fanzine 'Abandon Chip'.

7.3. Getting the message to non-football fans – suggested having stalls at key events in Scarborough, such as the cricket festival, jazz festival etc.

7.4. Media – need to develop relationships with Yorkshire Coast Radio, and local free newspapers.

8. Current website needs to evolve to allow on-line storage of membership information. Steve Smith to look into what is required to facilitate this.

9. Working Party Acting Officer Nominations.

9.1. Simon Cope appointed as Chair.

9.2. Ben Courtney appointed as Secretary.

9.3. Sandra Troughton appointed as Treasurer.

9.4. Steve Smith appointed as Web Editor.

10. Next meeting scheduled for 6.30pm, Tuesday 15th August. Venue to be arranged by Richard Adamson.

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