Minutes of the 3rd Working Party Meeting

1. Present: Richard Adamson (RA)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Matt Flinton (MF)

Anthony Gough (AG)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)

Apologies: Marnie Cope (MC)

Andy Crossland (AC)
Dan Gadd (DG)

Simon Keane (SiK)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Steve Smith (SS)
David Wild (DW)

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1: Everyone happy with roles?

· ST continued to look into banking. Utility Bank appears to be the one of choice with free banking for those with a turnover of less than £250K. Internet banking and nominated high street bank banking also plusses.

· All others present at meeting happy with roles they have been given. Issues arising for RA are discussed below in registration. MF and AG have worked extensively on flyers for publicity and further marketing, advertising and fundraising ideas all mentioned below.

· No problems reported from anyone regarding their roles.

2.2: Legal Advisor

SK had looked into recommended firms of solicitors. York City Supporters Trust use Cobbitts based in Leeds and Manchester. This company already have established links with Supporters Direct (SD) and are a firm recommended by them.

2.3: Registration Progress

RA has sent off the completed registration document to SD with a note for Jacqui Forster at SD to contact us if any wording needs altering. There has been no reply yet. It is presumed that the document is fine. We are awaiting the official document back, which we sign and send to the FSA. Estimated time to registration: 2-3 weeks.

2.4: Press Releases

Concern was expressed at the last meeting regarding the lack of press releases. MF and AG have since produced a calendar of important dates highlighting deadlines for the match day programme, as well as potential events after which we should release some information. For instance, post registration. They have also put together a press release to be submitted Tuesday 29 August for Wednesday 30 August in SEN. In the absence of RS due to holiday, this press release will be looked at by SC, BC and RA prior to submission by SC to the SEN.

3. Trust Logo

The Graphic Designer has produced a number of options for the logo. These have provided us with a basis to work to, but did not really unite opinion. Incidentally, AG had produced a working logo for flyers and posters that will be used at the forthcoming Cricket Festival. For the time being at least, this logo will be the one used by the Trust until the issue is revisited.

4. Flyer Design – football matches/non-football

AG and MF produced an excellent A5 flyer for distribution at football matches and the cricket festival. It outlines briefly the aims of the Trust. The next home match against Workington (9/8/06) will be targeted.

SC suggested that a mention of what Seadog Trust actually is should be included when distributing flyers to non-football events or people.

5. Flyer Distribution

Besides, those present, there are many volunteers who put their name forward at the Open Meeting (e.g. Jonathon Wood), who would be happy to distribute flyers. Before the home game on 9 August, these people to be contacted. BC to action.

Need to get permission from club to distribute flyers.

AG to section the map of Scarborough. The aim is to provide more manageable areas to focus on for individuals/teams to distribute leaflets door to door and make sure shops in their area have been asked if they would put up posters.

6. Cricket Festival and forthcoming events

AG and MF to man a stall at the Cricket Festival on 3 September 2006. They have produced posters that they will laminate giving people easy access to information about what a Supporters Trust is, our aims and how it will help SFC. They will also have the flyers.

AT hoped to provide a table for their stall, but if anyone knows where we can find a big table, please contact in case.

Upcoming events include the Motorcycle Event on Oliver’s Mount, the Jazz Festival and the Angling Festival. These are all areas to focus on but a town centre stall could also be utilised. AG to contact town centre manager for permission to man a stall on a Saturday morning.

7. Launch Party Ideas

“10 Below Zero” fundraising.

  • As soon as we have registered we can set an official date for Launch. When we do that we can liase with RS and Nick Clarke regarding contacts of ex-players, legends to attend
  • Auction to be held at Launch, it was agreed that ringing round for items to auction should begin as soon as possible.
  • Quiz, but not a major sceptical that people have to stop and listen for. i.e. images could be projected on to a wall and written questions posed (what year etc.), these could be on a loop.
  • No charge for entry to the Launch.
  • Bands/DJ. ST to ring Steve French (DJ)

A football match between legends and fans could take place. Craig Short has been contacted and would be interested but only if the match took place at the end of the season (which makes sense). Similarly if any of the current squad were to take part, it wouldn’t look good to get them injured.

8. YNEST Meeting 7/9/06

This is a meeting of all Supporters Trusts in Yorkshire and the North East. BC/RA and possibly ST and AT to attend. 7.30 at Tiger’s Lair Supporters Club. Leave Scarborough 6-6.15pm

9. Date of the Next Meeting

Set for 9/9/06, 12.30pm at the New Tavern. Aiming to finish before 2pm to get to the ground to distribute flyers before Workington home game.

10. Any Other Business

RA has done excellent research into membership forms, renewals etc. Many of it involves the wording of the membership form. For instance, our Gold package may like to say “You are paying £12 membership fee and £24/month donation to the Supporters Trust”. Also, RA had ideas regarding rewards to members who recruit the most new members. It was decided that Membership issues would be addressed in full as an individual item at the next meeting.

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