Minutes of the 5th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:
Richard Adamson (RA)
Ben Courtney (BC)
Andy Crossland (AC)
Anthony Gough (AG)
Stuart Keith (SK)
Steve Smith (SS)
Andy Troughton (AT)
Sandra Troughton (ST)

Simon Cope (SC)
Matt Flinton (MF)
Dan Gadd (DG)
David Hanson (DH)
David Wild (DW)

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1 Public Liability Insurance

ST has looked into PLI. The choices are £1m of cover for one event with Events Insurance for £55 or annual PLI premium covering 15 events at £150.

This can only be taken out once the Trust is registered and a decision will be made as to which option to take when the Trust Boar evaluates the amount of fundraising activities we are likely to do per year for which we will need PLI.

2.2 Credit Card Transactions

In order for credit card transactions to take place, ST reports that we need our registration number, projected turnover and then a visit from a business manager for an interview. Barclays and an HSBC company are the only companies to offer this service. In reality there are other much more straightforward methods of payment that can be used for online memberships (e.g. PayPal).

2.3 Membership Form

RA has attempted the membership form but has delegated the task to his secretary at work for further development. A completed draft is hoped to be available by Friday 29 September.

2.4 Programme Articles

The writing of stock articles for the programme was not discussed in the absence of SC. However, BC is to liase with Nick Clarke of the programme as an article may be required for the next programme.

3. Website Development

A working membership database has been created by SS. ST wanted to make sure it flagged up any renewals which SS confirmed it would easily do.

SS has also set up a template for new structure of the website which he is continuing to work on.

4. Fundraising Activities

AG has developed his idea and created a working template. Due to unforeseen circumstances AG cannot take this idea any further. AG handed much of the fundraising details over to BC who, with others will pursue the ideas further.

Other fundraising activities were also brought up by AG. BC to follow these up.

5. Launch Party and Co-ordinator

Not discussed. It was decided to have an extra meeting prior to the FA Cup game against Lancaster on 30 September. This gives the Working Party an extra week to focus particularly on this important issue. It was stressed the importance for all members to consider locations, activities, fundraising and content of the Launch Party.

6. Supporters Direct AGM 13/10/06

SC, ST and BC to attend the AGM in London and to report back. BC to book places.

7. Business Development

Methods of strengthening both the Trust’s financial position and business position were discussed. ST and AG have ideas of how to achieve this and are pursuing these ideas to report back at the next meeting.

8. Date of the Next Meeting

1pm, 30 September at the Upstairs Room of the New Tavern.

9. Any Other Business

  • For our meetings with Ian Scobbie, it was decided that SK and RA would be involved along with SC.
  • BC now has mobile phone
  • 500-600 flyers were handed out at the last home match against Workington. The next flyers will be distributed after registration. They will detail how to become a member of the Trust.
  • The need for a semi-permanent stand for any advertising campaigns was discussed. It was decided that this was unlikely to be cost effective and if anything the possibility of hiring the equipment as and when needed should be looked at.
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