Seadog Trust Responds to Liquidation of Scarborough FC

The liquidation of Scarborough FC has left the plans of Seadog Trust as the only viable long-term proposal to ensure that competitive football remains in the borough.

Reacting to the news of the liquidation of Scarborough FC, Simon Cope, Chair of the Seadogs Trust said:

"Obviously this is a sad day for the club and its supporters, and one we all hoped would never come.

What's died today is the company called Scarborough FC Ltd. Football in Scarborough will be continuing because there are supporters who love their football and the community needs a club.

The Seadog Trust has been working on 'plan B' in case this day ever came, and we are very advanced in our preparations. We've applied to the Northern Counties East League as Scarborough Athletic FC and we hope to start the new season, where we will effectively be three divisions below where the club would have been.

It will be tough, but we call on all those who care about football in the town to get behind us and build a new club and make it a success, not just on the pitch but off it. What happened today is effectively the culmination of many years of poor management and we will be making sure that those mistakes are not repeated and that the supporters of the club have a chance to make the new Scarborough something they can be proud of, and something the town can be proud of.

Whilst we're likely to be starting the season outside Scarborough, we're keen to be playing back in the town as soon as possible. We'll be meeting with the Council to discuss the situation at Seamer Road as a short-term solution, and more longer-term plans for a stadium that benefits the whole the community."

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