Minutes of 1st Board Meeting

1. Present:            Richard Adamson (RA)

                                Simon Cope (SC)

                                Ben Courtney (BC)

                                Stuart Keith (SK)    

                                Andy Troughton (AT)

                                Sandra Troughton (ST) 

Apologies:            Chris Rooke (CR)  



2.            Minutes of the last meeting     


2.1 Plan A 

As previously stated there is little the Trust can do in proceedings as the club work towards the preferred option of achieving the ground move.  The club continue to have the Trust’s full support. 

Ian Scobbie replied to the Trust’s letter to the club making enquiries regarding the latest status of the ground move.  Following suggestions from the Trust’s members that the letters should be made public, the Board decided to post both the letter to the club and the reply on the Trust website.  SC to action.  

Latest developments regarding the ground move appear to be that 31 May 2007 is the new significant date.  By this date, creditors must have been paid to prevent the winding up petition reaching court. 

SC to contact Barry Ward (frequently used by Supporters Direct for insolvency advice).  


3.         Board positions 

The Board voted on which Board members should take up which positions.  Also lots were drawn as to who should be up for election in which year.  No one Board member can serve for more than 3 years without re-election.  As there are 10 Board positions it was decided 3 should be elected at year 1, 3 at year 2 and the remaning 4 at year 3.  Listed below are the positions Board members take and the number of years they serve before re-election (in brackets).

RA (3 years) – Members relations

SC (3 years) – Chair

BC (3 years) – Secretary

SK (2 years) – Fundraising

CR (3 years) – Community relations

AT (2 years) – Free for any ongoing projects (currently Business Plan enquiries)

ST (2 years) – Treasurer 

As only 7 positions on the Board are taken, no-one is required to be re-elected at Year 1 and the 3 remaining places will be simply available for the membership to contest.  


4.         Co-opted members 

According to Rule 56a of the Society’s rules “not less than 2 members will be co-opted to the Society Board”.   

The Board is still striving hard to ensure one of these is a Supporters Club Committee member. 

Another major target is to find someone with legal experience.  Methods to acquire this will be through a press release that Richard Speight (Press Officer) will write in conjunction with SC.   Should nothing arise, the Board will speak to Franklyn Garvey.  


5.            Corporate portfolio 

Not discussed due to the absence of CR.  Postponed until next meeting. 


6.            Newsletter 

RA to take responsibility for this which requires completion by the 31 May. 


·        Bob McDonald and picture

·        AFC Telford (Anthony Goodwin)

·        List corporate members

·        Latest membership figures

·        Fundraising – ask the membership to e-mail in ideas 

SC to e-mail RA Becky Powell’s e-mail address.  


7.         Plan B 

Note: This plan is devised solely for the event that the club in it’s current guise is liquidated in June.  The Trust is committed to the future of football in Scarborough and as such a plan to reform a club must be in place.  However, to reiterate, this plan is to be implemented only if the current club is liquidated. 

a. Corporate Structure 

Community Interest Company (CIC) proposals have been submitted to FA.  A charitable fund needs to be named that should the CIC be liquidated all funds and assets go to it.  AC to find out further after his grant application. 

b. Share Capital/Fundraising 

SK to work with CR on fundraising items. 

c. Business Plan 

ST and SK have worked through the 5 year business plan and reached speculative figures of annual income and expenditure.  SK and ST now to work together further to reach a hybrid of their two plans and achieve consistent figures.  Although accurate figures regarding expenditures are difficult to acquire, AT has been investigating reaching more concrete costs.  Kris Stewart at AFC Wimbledon may be able to help further. 

d. Ground 

Ground share options: 

Whitby: Appear to be not too keen especially with the potential of the U19s playing next season. 

Pickering: Hoping to start 2nd team next year but if that doesn’t materialise appear to be open to the possibility. 

Bridlington: Very happy at the potential to ground share. 

e.  Council and MP 

Cllr Peter Popple is on the Football Advisory Group with 3 other Cllrs and has corresponded with SC.  As a matter of urgency, SC to try and set up meeting Tom Fox and members of the Trust Board.

f. League 

Form A is not required for registration, only registration with the North Riding FA for which the Trust is currently awaiting the application form.  ST stressed the importance of also registering for cup competitions which is not necessarily done automatically

g. Staff 

Resolved at previous meeting.  Regarding the manager and players RA to contact Andy Walsh at FC United of Manchester. 

h. Publicity 

It is important the Trust continues to stress why the Trust feels the need to work on Plan B and that it is purely if the worst comes to the worst. Press release due between 18/5 and 21/5 stating full position.  


8.         Date of the Next Meeting  

The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, 4 June 2007, 7.30pm.


9.         Any Other Business 

AT requested further information regarding affiliation with telephone companies.  Co-op pay 6%, Charitel 5% but offer marketing and promotion.  SK to look into further with a meeting due Tuesday 22 May 2007. 

Fantasy Football:  Trial run completed successfully.  All those who participated should feedback to Anthony Gough (AG).  AG happy to administrate it should it be developed.  AT to work with AG to produce final official proposals and implementation method. 

Co-op grant: AC speaking to Tom Hall, Bob McDonald and Mitch Cook to establish the legal status of the youth set up (as grants cannot go to a Limited Company) and to see what type of scheme the grant application should be designed to fund.  SC to speak to AC to get the latest.

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