Minutes of the 8th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:
Simon Cope (SC)
Ben Courtney (BC)
Anthony Gough (AG)
Chris Rooke (CR)
Andy Troughton (AT)
Sandra Troughton (ST)

Richard Adamson (RA)
Andy Crossland (AC)
Matt Flinton (MF)
Dan Gadd (DG)
David Hanson (DH)
Stuart Keith (SK)
Matt Lawson (ML)
Steve Smith (SS)
David Wild (DW)

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1 Content of the Launch Party

CR has produced a working document outlining the content of the evening, what needs to be done and by whom.

Speculative letters to businesses and football clubs have been sent by ST. Replies have only just started to filter back. Press releases regarding Launch and other breaking issues are to be written for the SEN, YCR and Radio York. Should SEN continue to regard stories insignificant, YCR and Radio York will become the first ports of call with Press Releases. CR to write to YCR regarding main sponsorship and possibly hosting the event. CR has sent speculative sponsorship request leter to the main businesses in Scarborough. Some duplication has occurred on letter writing, CR to contact the 2 businesses where this has occurred to apologise for inconvenience. In future, when a member of the group has done something, they will post on Yahoo Group so a record is kept of what we have done. Now big businesses have been contacted, the supermarkets and smaller businesses can be addressed. AG to e-mail BC addresses of businesses contacted. BC to then forward to ST and AT. AG has produced working quiz presentation for the night. The aim is to have two projectors around the room. One projecting the quiz and one projecting mission statement, aims and pictures. CR to produce this second projection. AC to provide projection equipment. Also, CR to look into video capture card, that may transfer VHS video footage to projector unit. ST/AT have arranged a DJ for the night, a friend of Steve French. Steve French to provide the equipment. Other equipment for the night required includes display boards for our aims, SD aims, sponsor boards etc. BC to speak to St. Nicholas to enquire about display boards. Also, to get blank layouts of the room to plan the event. Volunteer sheets to be examined to look for appropriate people to help on the night e.g. membership recruitment teams, socialising teams.

2.2 Auction Lots

Requests for aucitonable items from other football clubs have all been sent. Some items have now been received by Seadog Trust. The aim is to get 20-25 good lots. Any additional items can be quiz prizes or raffle prizes. It was agreed to broaden the businesses we were contacted and write to more local businesses including Boleyn’s and Privelige. The Trust aims to re-assess the amount of lots received in 2 weeks and then decide what further action, if necessary, be taken.

2.3 Trust Invites

In addition to those invited already, the following groups of people are to be invited:

Club Representatives and Players (SC)

Scarborough Business People (ST/AT)

Season Ticket Holders (SC to get list form club)

Supporters Club Committee (SC)

Government officials (SK)

Media contacts (MS)

Celebrities (AT/ST)

Ex-Boro managers (AG)

Ex-players (BC)

Neil Warnock (SC)

Sheffield Utd. (ST/AT)

John Reed for Auction (CR)

On invites, there should be an R.S.V.P. of 31/10/06. BC to write standard invitation letter and post on Yahoo Group. It can then be personalised or changed accordingly.

2.4 Membership Issues

Bank account: Form submitted, the bank has one query regarding our registration with FSA. Confirmation letter needs to be sent only. ST to do Monday 16 October.

Membership form: SC nearly completed. Will be finished by Friday 20 October. Share form: The least pressing of the membership issues. SC to contact designer.

3. Share Acquisition Strategy

IS appears to be putting us off acquiring shares in the current company. Advice from SD would suggest there is no genuine reason for that. Ideally for this, we need the assistance of DW.

As a shareholder, the Trust is not liable for any debts. As a Director, any individual can become liable for debts.

4. Working Party Name

The name can be changed at this stage due to registration. However, the Trust has decided to wait until the Launch Party. Those present may or may not pass a mandate from for the current Working Party to take the Trust forward to the first AGM as a Steering Committee.

5. Date of the Next Meeting

The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, Sunday 22 October 2006, 7.30pm

9. Any Other Business

Publicity Strategy

PA at ground

Programme space

Flyers at Harrogate match 11/11/06. Information on what’s happening at the Trust and what are going to be the features of the Launch Party


To look into holding advertising in town. AG to approach town centre management.

SD £1000

All receipts must be kept and any claims can be made against the Supporters Direct donation.

Public Liability Insurance

ST to contact insurance companies regarding PLI if the Trust aims to advertise in the Town Centre. ST also to contact James Hunter.
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