Minutes of the 2nd Working Party Meeting

1. Present: Richard Adamson (RA)

Marnie Cope (MC)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Andy Crossland (AC)

Matt Flinton (MF)

Dan Gadd (DG)

Anthony Gough (AG)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Andy Troughton (AT) (part)

Sandra Troughton (ST) (part)


Apologies: Simon Keane (SiK)

Richard Lancaster (RL)

Steve Smith (SS)

David Wild (DW)


NOTE: Richard Speight (RS), despite part of the Working Party, is unlikely to be able to attend any meetings due to being based in Cambridge.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting


2.1: Bank Account

ST looked into Co-op bank account as recommended by Supporters Direct. ST has learnt of problems from various Trusts with this bank account, specifically associated with changes of names on the account, an issue that will be unavoidable considering the nature of an elected board to a Trust. ST spoke to Jacqui Forster, Development Officer at Supporters Direct for other options. These included the Unity Bank, which is used by charities, and banking can be done through a nominated High Street bank. It was decided this is the preferred option. ST emphasised that account opening was obviously secondary to completion of registration of the Trust with the Financial Services Authority.

2.2: Membership Options

AC produced an outline for membership options to be discussed. Items covered:

  • Provide options for people including Standing Order, Direct Debit, and online membership if possible
  • AC researched what people were prepared to pay. Encouraging replies suggested we would be able to achieve the target levels outlined below
  • Membership Levels
    • Under-16 (£6)
    • Bronze (£12) Target 300
    • Silver (£120 - £10/month) Target 50
    • Gold (£300 - £25/month) Target 10
    • Corporate (£500)
  • “Any other amount” option to be provided on application form
  • Benefits for Silver and Gold levels simply to be silver and gold badges. Any other ideas welcome once the Trust is established.
  • Corporate benefits to include Website Advertising (direct links from website), Certificate of membership and local support. Any further ideas welcome.
  • Family membership option discussed. It was decided to mention at the bottom of a membership form if the applicant was interested. RA stressed that a family would still only represent 1 vote.
  • Members listed on website, provided confidentiality was respected. A tick box on the membership form to be used
  • Incentive prizes. AC proposed a competition for members to recruit the most number of new members. First prize being £250 or a Gold membership for the following year, Second prize being £100 or a Silver membership for the following year.

3. Working Party Roles


SC produced a list of roles to be filled:

  • Publicity and Marketing: MF/AG
  • Press Officer: RS. MF and AG to liase with RS
  • Membership card and form: RA
  • Fundraisers: Degree of crossover with MF/AG role above. Also to recruit outside of Working Party. AC to offer phone advice.
  • Community Officer: AC
  • Website Structure: SS
  • Website Editor: To be filled
  • Club Liaison: SC
  • SD Liaison: RA while registration takes place
  • Local Government Liaison: SK
  • Local Business Liaison: To be filled
  • Launch Party Organisers: All to have input. Nick Clarke in contact with many ex-players and has many contacts. To look at volunteer sheet for other people to have input.

4. The Trust Constitution


RA looked through registration document and highlighted the salient points:

  • Decided on the Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) Constitution as recommended by Supporters Direct
  • Official registered name to be Scarborough FC Supporters’ Society
  • Standard objective to be added to the document stating our intentions to ultimately takeover ownership of the club. RA to speak to Jacqui at Supporters Direct for specific wording
  • 66.6% Trust members required to expel/reinstate member at AGM and to remove a Bard member
  • The Trust to ballot its members before putting forward a motion to the Club’s AGM.
  • The Board will consist of 9 members and 3 co-opted members
  • Board members can serve 3 year terms with no maximum number of years a member can be on the board
  • Financial Year end date undecided. RA to discuss with Jacqui.
  • Registered Office address to be the Secretary’s (BC) home address.
  • RA, SC, BC and SK to sign the Registration document.

5. The Trust Logo


Of the options provided none particularly stood out but the paw print provided some good material for discussion. However, it was decided to start again and it was decided the badge should be circular. Images discussed included a boat, the town crest or hands shaking in front of/holding a football. BC and SC to discuss the logo with Becky Powell, the graphic designer. The aim is to have a logo by Friday 25 August.

6. Press Releases/Publicity

To maintain profile of the Trust, MF and AG to liase with RS about scheduling press releases.

MF and AG had produced a comprehensive strategy on publicity and fundraising. The aims of which were to raise the Seadog Trust profile, ensure membership targets were reached and to ensure all activities and fundraising was well publicised and well attended. This would be done by focussing on Supporter recruitment with publicity, leaflet and poster campaigns; Corporate members by canvassing businesses and face to face meetings; Additional fundraising by one off Seadog Trust events and long term revenue generation schemes.

Caution to avoid companies currently associated with SFC, or at least to emphasise to these companies that support of the Seadog Trust should in no way compromise the support and sponsorship of SFC. SC to ask the club for a list of companies sponsoring the club and a list of companies the club have tried to get to sponsor but have failed.

Market Research required to find the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Both MF and AG expressed their desire that leaflets and logos be produced ASAP. With the cricket festival fast approaching as a key event they wanted to target, priorities must be given to providing them with material for these events. MF and AG to work on content of leaflet. BC and SC to push for Trust logo production.

It was discussed not to accept members to the Trust until after the launch party.

Fundraiser title idea included “10 Below Zero”.

7. Legal Advisor


Outside firm of solicitors as recommended by Supporters Direct will be paid by Supporters Direct, up to £1000. Incidentally, any of these funds not used can go towards the launch party. SK to contact York City Supporters Trust to see who they use, SK also has a contact at Thorpe and Co.

8. Membership Application Forms


RA to look at various Supporters Trusts’ application forms. Ongoing, to contact Supporters Direct for examples.

9. Launch Date


Decided not to announce date until Registration complete, which is likely to be around the first or second week in September. Launch likely to be in early to mid -November.

Ideas for Launch included:

  • Football match against Legends. Positions could be auctioned off
  • Party at a venue. Spa, Crown Hotel mentioned.
  • Ex-players/managers to be invited
  • Auction on the night.
  • Please continue to think of further ideas, the earlier we have them the better.

10. Date of the Next Meeting


1.30pm Monday 4 September, Upstairs Room, The New Tavern.


11. Any Other Business


  • AC mentioned a Community Initiative Fund. The latest round of funding has gone, but is likely to come round again. As a Community-based initiative and once registered, it may well be that we can apply for some funding (up to £5000) particularly for investment in the Trust. Examples include computers or software.
  • AG requested a summary of the York City Supporters Trust situation, how they set up, what they did and why they had to sell shares back to a third party. SK to action.
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