Minutes of 3rd Board meeting

1. Present:    Richard Adamson (RA)

                        Stuart Canvin (SCa)

                        Simon Cope (SCo)

                        Ben Courtney (BC)

                        Wendy Danby (WD)

                        Stuart Keith (SK)

                        Rob Palmer (RP)

                        Chris Rooke (CR)

                        Andy Standing (AS)

                        Andy Troughton (AT)

                        Sandra Troughton (ST)

Apologies:    None  

N.B. This meeting was scheduled with a view that there would have been a decision regarding the future of Scarborough Football Club on June 12.  As the decision was adjourned, and the future uncertain, agenda items regarding the SC/Trust way forward and in depth discussion regarding Plan B was deferred until June 20.  

2.            Welcome 

The Trust Board welcomed Stuart Canvin, Wendy Danby, Andy Standing and of the Supporters Club to the 3rd Board meeting.  

3.            Minutes of the last meeting    


 3.1 Corporate portfolio 

Content completed.  CR to acquire supporting comments from Robert Goodwill MP.  CR to speak to Becky and SCa regarding library pictures that will not have copyright issues.  Becky also to advise on possible design.  CR aiming to complete bulk of work in a week.  

3.2 Newsletter 

All distributed.   Given to council members with covering letter, by e-mail to Trust members and by post to those Trust members without email.  

4.            Supporters Club committee meeting 

Note: Incorrectly labelled as a Supporters Club EGM in the published agenda.  This was incorrect. 

SC members updated the Trust on their committee meeting of Sunday 10 June. 

·        If SFC were liquidated, the SC would automatically cease to be.  WD – the  SC would have an EGM and fold.

·        For a new club, the SC would have to reform with a slightly different constitution.  SCa – a good proportion of the current SC committee would be interested in reforming the SC. 

It was made clear that no new club could succeed without a Trust and a Supporters Club in place, working together.  

5.            Supporters Club and the Trust way forward  

To be discussed at the next Board meeting once the decision regarding the future of Scarborough Football Club is confirmed.  

6.         June 12 discussions 

General concern amongst all that the adjournment left very little time to for any new club to be established.  As most of the infrastructure is in place this shouldn’t be a major problem. 

However, the principal problem is the dual application to the North Riding FA.  NCEL have indicated that under no circumstances would they accept two Scarborough teams.   AS stated that the Trust must get IS to the table for discussions somehow.   SCo has e-mailed IS to arrange discussions in light of IS’s suggestion that parties were supposed to be meeting Wednesday June 13.  No reply as yet.  SCo to continue to try and make contact.  SCa also agreed to contact IS to indicate that discussions would be beneficial to all parties. 

No-one present aware as to the details of IS’s new proposals that were presented to court on June 12 or why IS had submitted an application for a new club to the North Riding FA.  It was proposed that this could have been simply to ensure the future of a football team in Scarborough should the club be liquidated.  Objected by SCo who indicated that this was a clear U-turn by IS following the pair’s meeting Monday June 4.  SCo had disclosed details of the Trust’s Plan B and the following day IS must have applied for membership to the North Riding FA for a new club. 

Should the club be liquidated on June 20, it was agreed canvassing of the council to exercise their right to buy the McCain Stadium should take place.  CR proposed letters should be written in the context that leisure facilities are disappearing from the town.  Facilities in Filey Road, facilities in the North Bay and potentially the McCain Stadium.  With this in mind, the McCain Stadium should stay as a football ground in the wider context of a community asset that is used more regularly.  

7.         Plan B 

Note: This plan is devised solely for the event that the club in its current guise is liquidated in June.  The Trust is committed to the future of football in Scarborough and as such a plan to reform a club must be in place.  However, to reiterate, this plan is to be implemented only if the current club is liquidated. 

Most of the work regarding Plan B complete, simply awaiting a decision on SFC future.  Tasks for the week: 

·        NCEL application form – BC (in conjunction with Dave Boyle, Deputy Chief Executive of Supporters Direct)

·        Draft letters to the council canvassing for them to exercise their right to purchase the McCain Stadium, should the club be liquidated on June 20

·        SCo to continue trying to arrange meeting with IS.  No reply from IS so far.  

8.         Date of the Next Meeting  

Ground floor meeting room, Falsgrave Community Centre, 20 June 2007, 7.30pm.   Any members of the SC committee wishing to attend are more than welcome.  

9.         Any Other Business 


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