Minutes of the 4th Working Party Meeting

1. Present: Richard Adamson (RA)

             Simon Cope (SC)

             Ben Courtney (BC)

             Matt Flinton (MF)

             Anthony Gough (AG)

             Matt Lawson (ML)

             Andy Troughton (AT)

             Sandra Troughton (ST) 

Apologies: Andy Crossland (AC)

           Dan Gadd (DG)

           David Hanson (DH)

             Stuart Keith (SK)

             Steve Smith (SS) 

           David Wild (DW) 

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1: Registration Latest 

After several false starts the registration documents have been signed and posted with the cheque to the FSA.  Estimated time to registration: 15 working days from 9/9/06. 

2.2: Cricket Festival 

AG and MF reported lots of positive feedback from those who came to the table for more information. Despite a large proportion of the crowd being out of town people, those attending for more information included Ashley Lyth and Jimmy Beadle as well as the SEN.  Over 100 leaflets were distributed.  Advertising at the festival proved an excellent exercise in increasing awareness of the Trust amongst the public. 

BC to send thankyou letter to Scarborough Cricket Club. 

2.3: YNEST Meeting 

RA, BC, AT and ST attended meeting of Yorkshire and North East Supporters Trusts on 7/9/06.  Also in attendance was Kevin Rye from Supporters Direct.  The meeting was useful in finding out pitfalls other Supporters Trusts had fallen into, problems they had encountered and solutions they found. 

After RA had talked through Seadog Trust’s and the Club’s situation, Kevin Rye took interest and told the meeting he would contact his contact at the Guardian (David Conn).  David Conn has an interest in Supporters Trusts and the political side of football.  Investigation into shareholders and Brooks Mileson’s potential involvement were possible lines of enquiry. 

BC received many contacts of various Supporters Trusts at the meeting and is to e-mail them regarding issues including Launch Party ideas. 

2.3: Trust Logo 

Without convincing everybody, it was decided to go with the revised logo of hands holding football with gold, silver and bronze bands around the outside. 

BC to create letterhead with the logo for any correspondence.  Added to this will be a footer displaying our FSA registration number. 

Logo also to go on website front page. 

Next press release to SEN to include logo. 

3.  Membership Issues 

RA questioned whether membership costs had been pitched slightly high compared to others.  Following discussion, it was decided our £12 was correct considering Supporters Direct recommend it should be around the price of a matchday ticket and that everyone spoken to would be happy to pay this.  

York City Supporters Trust appeared to have the best example of a membership form.  When writing our membership form an additional section regarding donation of shares to the Trust will be included.  RA to compose a membership form and e-mail to all in the Working Party for comments. 

ST to contact Unity Bank regarding information on credit card transactions. 

Family membership also to be added to membership levels.  This will include membership for 2 adults and 2 children for £25 (a saving of £9).  This will give a vote at the AGM for each of the adults. 

4.  Public Liability Insurance 

For any campaigns or any events we have, we must have insurance.  For instance, no awareness campaigns can take place in the Town Centre as Town Centre Management demand PLI.  However, we cannot get insurance until we are registered.  ST to ring around insurance companies to get types of cover and cost. 

5.  Launch Party Ideas/Issues 

Any ideas for the launch party or for future campaigns will not go in the minutes of meetings.  When ideas are agreed and about to be put into action then they will go in the minutes. 

Currently have no co-ordinator for organisation of the launch party.  Although not pressingly urgent as we are not registered and cannot set a date for launch yet, a candidate needs to be found in the next 3 weeks.  

AG and MF have a catalogue of hired entertainment equipment for the night.  Although the catalogue products are expensive, it has good ideas and we may be able to source these items somewhere else. 

6.  Item 6 to be discussed at the next meeting 

7.  Programme Articles 

It was decided to write some stock articles for the programme for times when there may not be too much happening at the Trust.  An example could be contacts at other Supporters Trusts to find out what they have done.  This shouldn’t be a major problem for the coming few months with registration, membership drives and launch party.   

8.  Website Development 

To be discussed at the next meeting. 

9.  Date of the Next Meeting 

5pm 23 September.  Upstairs Room, The New Tavern 

10. Any Other Business 

Although Public Liability Insurance prevents the Trust from Town Centre advertising, door-to-door leaflet drops can still be performed.  Also, shops in the Town Centre can still be contacted for permission to put up Trust posters in the window.  AG and MF to produce some posters for shop windows. 

A large-scale door-to-door leaflet drop is to be organised.  Candidates for distribution are to be contacted to meet before the home game on 23 September.  The leaflet drop will then coincide with a press release in the SEN to maximise publicity.

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