Minutes of 2nd Board meeting

1. Present:            Richard Adamson (RA)

                                Simon Cope (SC)

                                Ben Courtney (BC)

                                Stuart Keith (SK)

                                Chris Rooke (CR)   

                                Andy Troughton (AT)

                                Sandra Troughton (ST) 

Apologies:            None   

2.            Minutes of the last meeting      


 2.1 Co-opted members 

Decisions regarding this have been postponed until after June 12, in case any situations change. 

Should there be a significant change in membership numbers after June 12, the Board have decided the Trust Board should have another election.  All Board members will be required to stand for re-election. 

2.2 Newsletter 

Content is complete, it is simply awaiting formatting and printing.  In addition to members, the newsletter will also be sent to all non-members the Trust knows.  BC to action.  Newsletter to be printed by various members. 

2.3 Fundraising 

Anthony Gough’s fundraising plan (“10 Below Zero”) is to go ahead with a £100 first prize and £10 monthly awards.   Due to be ready for mid-July.       

3.            Corporate Portfolio 

CR - the content of the portfolio has been generally completed.   It requires some quotes from high-profile local people, support from local business people and sponsorship of the brochure (possibly SEN, YCR). 

To be printed professionally as a glossy page brochure. 

Point to note:  CR stressed the importance of a corporate membership section on the website to explain fully what the Trust offers them.  

4.            Supporters Club AGM update 

RA, BC, AT and ST all attended.  What was discussed has been much publicised and notes of the meeting were taken by Wendy Danby, Secretary of the Supporters Trust. 

N.B.  SC has since met with Ian to discuss the future and how the Trust can be involved more fully in the future of the club.  

5.         Plan B 

Note: This plan is devised solely for the event that the club in it’s current guise is liquidated in June.  The Trust is committed to the future of football in Scarborough and as such a plan to reform a club must be in place.  However, to reiterate, this plan is to be implemented only if the current club is liquidated. 

The ground work for Plan B is almost complete.  Points additional to those mentioned in previous meetings were discussed: 

a. Corporate Structure 

No change from previous meeting.  CIC structure for approval with FA.  The likelihood is any  new club’s company will start as a normal Limited Company. 

b. Share Capital/Fundraising 

SK to work with CR on fundraising items.  Vital that the Trust is fully active with basic fundraising techniques immediately after any potential liquidation.  Fundraising would be the major issue post June 12. 

c. Business Plan 

Further to the agreed 5 year plan, ST is to produce a 52 week cashflow plan based on the low forecast.   

d. Ground 

Bridlington: Very happy at the potential to ground share.  AT to acquire Bridlington letter of intent. 

e.  Council and MP 

BC to write letter to MP regarding what is happening, also enclosing a copy of the newsletter.  A meeting will be set up with the council immediately after June 12 if the club is liquidated. 

f. League 

Agreed BC would put forward appeal/proposal letter to allow a new club to be inserted at Unibond First Division level.   

N.B. since meeting, the Trust has been advised by the FA through Supporters Direct that this would not be possible under any circumstances. 

g. Staff 

Resolved at previous meeting.  Regarding the manager and players RA to contact Andy Walsh at FC United of Manchester. 

h. Publicity 

It is important the Trust continues to stress why the Trust feels the need to work on Plan B and that it is purely if the worst comes to the worst.   

6.         Date of the Next Meeting  

Ground floor meeting room, Falsgrave Community Centre, 13 June 2007, 7.30pm  

7.         Any Other Business 


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