Minutes of the 7th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:
Simon Cope (SC)
Ben Courtney (BC)
Anthony Gough (AG)
Stuart Keith (SK)
Matt Lawson (ML)
Chris Rooke (CR)
Andy Troughton (AT)
Sandra Troughton (ST)

Richard Adamson (RA)
Andy Crossland (AC)
Matt Flinton (MF)
Dan Gadd (DG)
David Hanson (DH)
Steve Smith (SS)
David Wild (DW)

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1 Registration Latest

Seadog Trust was officially registered with the Financial Services Authority on 27 September 2006.

2.2 Launch Party Location

The Launch Party has been officially booked for 23 November 2006 in the ballroom of the Hotel St Nicholas, 7pm start.

2.3 Cost and Sponsorship

The cost for the venue, which accommodates 5-600 is £350. Half of the cost of this can come out of the Supporters Direct start up monies of £1000. Sponsorship needs to be sought for the remaining £175.

2.4 Launch Party Co-ordinator

Chris Rooke (CR) has been appointed to co-ordinate the Launch Party and to ensure tasks are distributed throughout the Working Party without duplication and that tasks are completed to necessary deadlines. CR will develop the sequence of the night and how the venue will be set up. Also, CR to contact local businesses asking if they would like to be “major sponsors” for the night. BC to e-mail CR the list of potential businesses to contact as devised by AG. SC to obtain list of current sponsors of SFC to avoid being seen to divert money away from the club.

2.5 Fundraising

Ideas continue to develop. The original idea from AG has been tried and tested and does work. Any future fundraising events will be assessed as to there “value for money”. The potential time and money invested will be compared with the potential funds raised from it.

3. Content of the Launch Party

· DJ. AT/ST contacted Steve French who is unavailable but can provide the equipment free of charge. SC is aware of a DJ who can perform and will need equipment provided.

· Passive quiz projected on to a wall with PowerPoint. In amongst this will be a montage of photos as well as our aims and mission statement.

· Long table to line the entrance of the room with areas to become a member and display boards (BC to contact hotel regarding availability) showing our aims and giving Supporters Trust information.

· Host for the night. To contact Howard Nurse, Al Ross, Ivan Ash, Yorkshire Coast Radio presenters. AT/ST to speak to Dave Marshall to ask whether he would be interested in any role e.g. auctioneering.

· There will be more hard selling of membership to those in the room to catch those who bypass the tables on entrance.

· Members of the Working Party to encourage social interaction in the venue between fans and any players, ex-managers etc. that come. BC to obtain list of potential people to invite.

· Introductory speeches at approximately 8pm by a Supporters Direct representative, a high profile person (careful not to say celebrity) and a member from the Trust.

· An auction to begin approximately 9pm. Ideas for lots include 1st share certificate, Chelsea signed ball and any memorabilia we have between us. ST and AT to contact all Premiership clubs except Middlesbrough (SK to contact) and Sheffield Utd, also contacting all Yorkshire and North East Championship clubs.

· After the auction are quiz results, prize draw with cloakroom tickets and closing speeches.

· Disco following as the venue open until 1am.

4. Invites and Letters to Councillors

SK to cover with a letter to all councillors including Tom Fox and the Mayor. Also to contact the MP. This is to be done a.s.a.p.

With regards ex-players, managers and club officials, BC to obtain list of people that could be invited from Nick Clarke and Richard Speight.

5. Membership Issues

5.1 Membership Form

The basis to the form is complete. There are small issues to be addressed. SC to complete changes and e-mail to all to review.

5.2 Bank Account

ST has completed the form.

In the bank account application form a resolution was signed on 7 October 2006 that there are three authorised signatories. These are Simon Cope (Chair), Ben Courtney (Secretary) and Sandra Troughton (Treasurer).

The account takes 7-10 working days to be opened.

5.3 Share Certificate

Becky, who designed the logo is putting together a design for the share certificate.

In conclusion, all issues regarding readiness to accept membership are in the process of being resolved. Target date for completion of all of these is Friday 20 October.

6. Share acquisition

Not discussed.

7. Press Officer Change

Due to circumstances beyond his control, Richard Speight has had to vacate his position as Press Officer. Mark Staniforth is to replace him.

8. Date of the Next Meeting

The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, 15 October at 1pm.

9. Any Other Business


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