Minutes of Extra Urgent Board Meeting

1. Present:

Richard Adamson (RA)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)


Stuart Canvin (SCa)

Chris Rooke (CR)

2. Plan A

Letter sent to Ian Scobbie. Reply still gave no answers to our specific questions. There is little else the Trust can do on this matter other than to wish the club well for the next critical weeks and to support their endeavours.

3. Plan B

Note: This plan is devised solely for the event that the club in it’s current guise is liquidated in June. The Trust is committed to the future of football in Scarborough and as such a plan to reform a club must be in place. However, to reiterate, this plan is to be implemented only if the current club is liquidated.

a. Corporate Structure

The Trust could alter it’s rules to become the new football club but this closes the door to external investment.

An alternative is for corporate structure to be a Ltd Company and form a Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC protects the company assests for the benefit of the company. That is, all proceeds/profits generated go back into the club and community. The CIC principles allow the company to raise capital and allow private investment and, if set up correctly leaves the Trust in majority control. The drawbacks of a CIC are that no other club has done this. Prescot Cables are currently in the process but has not yet been approved. Consequently it is not confirmed that the FA will allow this corporate structure. Dave Boyle is currently rushing through an Agreement in Principle for Prescot Cables with the FA.

b. Share Capital/Fundraising

It was agreed unanimously that the Board needs to appoint an “Emergency Fundraiser”. CR nominated. The Trust must be ready 2 weeks before June 12 (end of May) to begin a cascade of fundraising efforts. Although primitive, bucket collections have been proven to be highly lucrative at other clubs and is a basic starting point. The Trust should aim at the Town Centre and seafront and station donation boxes in pubs and shops. Also, posting on other clubs’ websites and advertising our PayPal payment method.

c. Business Plan

A comprehensive plan taking into account all potential revenues and costs has been acquired from AFC Wimbledon. The spreadsheet budgets for 3 different scenarios - high, medium and low, these are basically 3 different degrees of optimism. It is a 5 year plan aimed at projecting the performance of any new club in each of these scenarios.

The most crucial areas of the business plan discussed were:

  • In which league the club would potentially compete in each year
  • Attendances
  • Ticket prices
  • Programme sales

It was presumed for Year 1 that the club would have to ground share.  Even if the current club was liquidated in June, acquiring the ground from the liquidators before the new season would be extremely difficult. SK to fill in business plan fully to project a potential budget for the new club. When completed this will be looked at by ST, RA and RA’s work associate.

d. Ground

The Trust has 2 options – obtaining the ground off liquidators and ground sharing. As discussed, as time would be so tight in acquiring the McCain Stadium before 2007-8 season, the ground share option has to be actively pursued. AT to speak to Whitby, Bridlington and Pickering to establish costs.

SC to speak to Barry Ward (insolvency advisor used by Supporters Direct) to discuss the mechanics of liquidation and how the ground could be acquired. Begbies Traynor have applied to be the liquidators but clearly the ball goes into HSBC’s court as to how much they would be prepared to accept. SK to speak to HSBC.

York City Supporters Trust borrowed £1million from the Football Foundation to buy their ground.

e. Council and MP

SC has written to Tom Fox, leader of the Council. SC to phone him 8/5/07.

SC to give the councillors and MP a copy of the reply to our letter from Ian Scobbie with additional information as to what Supporters Direct have advised the Trust to do.

f. League

UniBond AGM 16 June 2007. NCEL AGM 10 June 2007. NCEL happy for an application for any new Scarborough club to be “pending”. The issue is to be discussed at the FA Leagues Committee on 16 May 2008 and at NCEL. Indications are that NCEL would be delighted to welcome any club from Scarborough.

Any new club needs a name for these applications. Unfortunately, due to time constraints there is no time for a full fans forum and debate on this issue. However, the Board had taken note of suggestions on internet forums and message boards and it was unanimously decided that any new club would be called “Scarborough Athletic”.

g. Staff

To retain a degree of stability at a decidedly unstable time, it was unanimously decided that it would be essential to keep staffing the same where possible.

Consideration has to be given to who will have day-to-day responsibility, finding a team manager and organising trials. AFC Wimbledon are happy to help us with information about how they organised trials. RA to speak to them. Ex-players, particularly those with lower league management experience (e.g. Harry A Dunn) should be contacted to see if they know/can recommend potential managers.

h. Publicity

It is important the Trust continues to stress why the Trust feels the need to work on Plan B and that it is purely if the worst comes to the worst.

The Trust also needs to be proactive and have press releases ready should the worst happen.

4. Date of the Next Meeting

The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, Thursday 17 May 2007, 7.30pm

5. Any Other Business

AT enquired about the phone company York City Supporters Trust used. SK to get further details.

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