Help the Juniors Raise £10k

The Scarborough Athletic Junior setup could provide the first team with the next Michael Coulson, Jimmy Beadle or Ryan Blott.

In doing so, we require funding to support the parents, coaches, players and club to develop the young talent and you can help without spending a single penny!

As a fan owned club we’re always looking at additional revenue streams to support the growth of the business and ultimately allow us to move the football club to the next level. We understand that we need to diversify in order to both sustain and grow current income. Affiliate marketing is a way that you can support your Club without having to directly hand over cash. By purchasing a product or service that you would have anyway the club gets a share of the revenue from the supplier and you get a product you want, often at an initially discounted rate.

How can I help?


Generally the offers can be split into two categories:

  1. Free to enquire – these are typically lead generation, for instance a quote for health insurance or a new boiler. You will need to submit your details and commit to be contacted by the company in order to discuss a quote. It’s important to note that there is no obligation to buy, however we do ask that if you submit details you are willing to at least seriously consider the quote and be available to be contacted. Only serious enquiries will result in Scarborough Athletic FC generating revenue.
  2. Purchase offers – these are typically one-off purchases or subscriptions, often at a low introductory rate for which you will receive goods or services.

How much can we raise?

This purely depends on which offers are taken up and how many fans get involved. You will see next to each offer the revenue that the SAFC Juniors will expect to receive as a result of you completing the offer in line with the offer rules. We would like to raise £10,000+.

What are the Limitations?

The rules for the scheme are quite simple. You can only sign-up to each offer once in order to earn the stated revenue for the club. Customer details given for any offer must be valid and the customer must be available to be contacted. The club will only receive revenue on fully completed transactions which conform to the rules of each individual offer which can be found on the affiliate website:

The ceiling is for everyone associated with the club to determine. Offers change every month and can raise valuable funds to support the future of the club, covering costs such as pitch hire, travel and equipment and ultimately allow club officials to spend their time on developing the future than worrying about finance. Thank you for playing your part.