Scarborough Athletic Football Club has produced a Core Offer to our Community and is now ready to share our plans and explain how we aim to deliver this ambitious programme.

Firstly, we have taken the decision to merge the new community initiative with the current safeguarding and welfare processes.  We believe this makes sense as clearly there are areas where community and safeguarding naturally fit together and reinforce our commitment to providing a safe environment for children and young people to play sport. Current safeguarding processes will be maintained until the new Community Liaison and Safeguarding (CLAS) Team is established.

We believe the Core Offer will benefit individuals and organisations across our community and supports SAFC’s undertaking to engage and reconnect with our community when football resumed back in the town.  We believe that it is important that our Core Offer reflects the diverse nature of our community and with this in mind, we have initially selected three areas that we would like to focus on, these are:


  • Health and Well-being
  • Schools, Colleges and Youth Groups
  • Engaging with Local Charities


We feel that working in partnership with local community individuals and groups will offer us the best opportunity to achieve successful outcomes.  The CLAS team will work alongside individuals and organisations to explore how we can deliver on the above themes and in some cases introduce new initiatives to maximise our collective effectiveness and bring added value.

For some time SAFC has widely been described as a community and family club, this has been illustrated previously by our involvement with individual and private requests for support which will continue.  However, moving forward, the new stand at the Flamingo Land Stadium and specifically the seated ‘family section’ will hopefully encourage more families to attend matches.

The three areas are very broad and ambitious but nevertheless we believe that we should be aiming high because it is simply the right thing to do and we are sure it is what our community would expect of SAFC.

Health and Well-Being

The Community Team want to look at a number of initiatives in this area.

SAFC are very keen to reach out to all Boro supporters whether they are past or present, there may be a number of supporters that for reasons of mobility or transport are not able to make it to home games but still have interest in how we are doing.  

We want to look at the practicalities of setting up a Buddy Scheme’ where we can bring together a current match day supporter with someone who for the want of a lift would love to attend a game.  Similarly, there may be some supporters where attendance at a game is not possible and may not be aware of the excellent coverage on SAFCTV and also through our match day commentary on Yorkshire Coast Radio (Extra).  We are keen to work with organisations that are currently involved in combatting ‘isolation’ and ‘loneliness’ and confident that together we can make a difference.

Continue supporting Disabled Football through Scarborough Seagulls (formally frame football) this initiative has made a significant and positive impact on the children participating in the scheme; SAFC will continue to practically support the programme and the families as required.

Schools, Colleges and Youth Groups

The CLAS Team will be looking to strengthen the relationships we have built up with local Schools and Colleges, additionally; we would like to explore how we might work with the various Youth Groups in our area.

Children, young people and their families are very much in evidence at our home fixtures whether the first team, under 19’s or our many junior teams are playing.  There is clearly an appetite for SAFC football functions at the Flamingoland Stadium but we would like to spread the game more in to schools using our ‘Coaching Network’.   

We would also like to explore the potential to put on workshops in Colleges, Primary and Secondary Schools with the potential to feed in to careers or citizenship modules; these may be around nutrition, strength and conditioning and sports injuries etc.  There also may be opportunities to link in to school environmental studies and projects using the Flamingo Land Stadium as a learning environment.

Local schools already support SAFC by providing ball boys and girls for our first team matches and the shared enjoyment is clear to see, but there could potentially be a follow up role for the CLAS Team in schools.  This could be presenting certificates/badges for their achievements reporting on how they represented their school etc.

Engaging with Local Charities

Supporting charities and fundraising events has played a significant part in the clubs activities for many years and since becoming established at the Flamingo Land Stadium we have demonstrated the potential to increase our capacity to help local charities.

Supporting St Catherine’s Hospice will continue through The Goal-den Pledge but we will also be looking at other events throughout the year where we can join with the Hospice Team to further raise funds for them.  

Additionally, we would like to annually have preferred charity to work with on a seasonal basis, with this in mind; we would like to recommend the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) as our preferred charity for the 2019/20 season.

Arrangements are currently in place with the Rainbow Centre to hold a food collection point at the Flamingo Land Stadium on Saturday 16th March 2019; we will review how this goes and explore the potential to make it a more regular event next season.

Throughout the playing season, there will be additional one-off fundraising appeals, typically this may look like:

  • The Rainbow Centre
  • The Snowdrop Appeal
  • Christmas Toy Appeal (Salvation Army and the Rotary Club of Scarborough)
  • The Mayors Appeal
  • On-going support to SAFC Junior Football

The comprehensive and diverse nature of our Core Offer together with our safeguarding responsibilities present SAFC with quite a challenge; therefore, we will be looking to add to the CLAS Team in readiness for the start of the 2019/20 season.


Summary of key measures contained in the Core Offer:

  • Look at the potential for setting up a Buddy Scheme
  • Partnership arrangements to improve Health and  Well-Being
  • Develop stronger links in Schools, Colleges and Youth Groups
  • Explore a programme of workshops to augment careers and citizenship modules
  • Develop the ball boys and girls initiatives in schools
  • Continued support to St Catherine’s Hospice
  • Support Disabled Football, Scarborough Seagulls
  • Attract sponsorship to fund the community activities as highlighted

To actively get involved with these projects, please contact Community Director, Steve Machen at [email protected]


Community Inclusion Plan - August 2020

Core Offer to Our Community

Scarborough Athletic Football Club has produced a Core Offer to our Community and is now ready to share our plans and explain how we aim to deliver this ambitious programme.
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