Back in October 2008, officials and volunteers of Scarborough Athletic FC headed to Gigg Lane, Bury on a fact-finding mission. FC United were playing Ilkeston Town, and although the football itself was exciting, the Boro contingent's aim was the have a look at FC's radio and highlights broadcasting (www.fcum.tv), to see if a similar system could be implemented at Scarborough Athletic.

The answer was a resounding yes, and just days later, the first broadcast of SeadogsLive took place, and the home game against Teversal.

The original SDL commentary team of Matt Lawson, left, and Chris White give us the play-by-play from the Queensgate gantry


Where do I listen?

SeadogsLive was discontinued as a service by the club during the 2010-11 season, due to the cost of running the service. The website and historical commentary is still available at  www.seadogslive.com

Thanks to everyone who donated, listened in and commentated over the service's two year run. The club hope to bring back the service in the future when funding allows.


  • Tuesday 29th July 7:45pm
    Pickering Town vs Scarborough and District
  • Saturday 2nd August 3:00pm
    Bridlington Town vs Scarborough and District

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