Minutes of the 10th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:
Richard Adamson (RA)
Simon Cope (SC)
Ben Courtney (BC)
Anthony Gough (AG)
Chris Rooke (CR)
Andy Troughton (AT)
Sandra Troughton (ST)

Andy Crossland (AC)
Matt Flinton (MF)
Dan Gadd (DG)
David Hanson (DH)
Stuart Keith (SK)
Matt Lawson (ML)
Steve Smith (SS)
David Wild (DW)

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1 Publicity

AG confirmed with Town Centre Management that Sat 4 November is available to hold stall. No other Saturday dates are available. ST to arrange PLI on Monday, takes 2 days to come through. AG has produced posters and flyers - SK and AG are handling the printing of them through separate companies due to A4 and A5 cost differences of the two companies. 2000 flyers to be printed, 200 posters.

AT has sourced table for the stall. James Hunter to co-ordinate the manning of the stall for the day. AT, ST, RA, BC to supervise throughout the day.

AG to do front sheets for table for stall in town. Also, AG to target businesses to show our posters and accept flyers.

SC to speak to SEN informing them of our town centre publicity.

2.2 Membership Issues · Membership form complete apart from a couple of blanks (e.g. Bank a/c number

· Bank account application completed. Awaiting completion by bank, due week of 6 November.

· Share certificate is complete apart from a couple of tweaks.

· Corporate membership form is to do.

· SS is completing membership database for website.

3. Launch Party

3.1 Content

No development on Compere for the night or auctioneer. Ideally, we need someone who can do both. CR to speak to John Read at Comedy Night regarding willingness to do auctioneering. SC to speak to Al Ross at Radio York regarding Compere, BC to try YCR.

Passive quiz completed by AG. AC can provide projectors and laptops. White boards to project on to can be provided by RA and AG if required. BC to check with Hotel St Nicholas to see if they can offer for free. Need rigorous plan of the layout of the room to decide exactly what goes where. CR and BC to action. Hessian boards for information and advertising and player profiles of those coming on the night required. BC to contact hotel to confirm whether they have them. SC suggested hiring the girls from the club to help make everyone feel at ease when they arrive. On the night, different members of the Working Party will be assigned different areas of responsibility e.g. RA to do membership. To finalise at a later date. Due to the increase numbers of ex-players arriving, more bedrooms required at the hotel. BC to book 3 more, for 6 in total. CR dealing with video clips for rolling projection. Food: It was decided that guests eating on the night will be asked to provide a £2 donation for their food.

3.2 Auction and Lots

Remote bids will be accepted and in the event of 2 remote bids on the same lot being received with the same bid, the bid received first by Seadog Trust will be the winner.

Lots are progressing slowly but surely and we now have 17 items. SC to speak to SEN regarding an appeal for lots in the next press release. At this stage, certainly no need to purchase new lots. AT to manage auction lots and logistics of getting auction lots into the venue on the night. Also, to collect all lots and take pictures of them ready to be advertised. BC to speak to Harry A Dunn regarding his donation to the auction. CR to speak to Pindar re: rugby tickets.

3.3 Invites Latest

Confirmed attendees:

Jeff Barmby

Harry A Dunn

Steve Richards

Ian Ironside

Gareth Williams

Prob. Jason Rockett

SC to e-mail Jason Rockett re; Neil Warnock’s invite. To do Thursday. BC to contact Sunderland AFC or Radio Newcastle to get in touch with Gary Bennett. A database of confirmed numbers is to be set up. No replies from any ex-managers. AG to chase up and re-write to if still no reply late in the week.

3.4 Sponsorship

To broaden the web of prospective sponsors. BC to write a letter to all medium sized companies in the area highlighting what they as businesses will get out of sponsoring the Trust. Incidentally, it was decided to reduce Corporate Membership from £500 to £100.

Consequently, a donation of £100 from a business would give them: Corporate membership of the Trust

A mention in our regular newsletter to all our members

Links to their website from our website

Acknowledgement at the Launch Party of their support.

BC and CR to try and arrange appointments with some of the bigger businesses to discuss 1-1 the issue of sponsoring the event. CR to write to John Guthrie, Kevin McCabe and Mr Gibb at Flamingo Land for sponsorship/donations. “A coffee house” in Scarborough have expressed an interest in investing money in SFC. The donation was rejected by SFC. AG to contact this coffee house to enquire as to their interest in involvement in Trust.

4. Share Acqusition Strategy

The issue of shares was discussed although the Trust’s final direction on this matter has not been decided.

4. Date of the Next Meeting The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, Sunday 5 November 2006, 7.30pm.

5. Any Other Business

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