Minutes for 18th Board Meeting

1. Present:


Richard Adamson (RA)

John Clarke (JC)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Wendy Danby (WD)

James Hunter (JH)

Chris Rooke (CR)

Kevin Smith (KS)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)


Anthony Brown (AB)

President John Fawcett (JF)

2. Discussion with Sheffield Utd FC officials

The Board welcomed both Mick Rooker (MR) and Pete Stone (PS) from Sheffield Utd. MR stressed how happy SUFC were to continue to support SAFC and that programme and board advertising for Super Draw will continue next season.

a) Friendly with Sheffield Utd: MR to speak to Kevin Blackwell to find availability of a Sheffield Utd team coming to play SAFC late July.

b) MR proposed to arrange a canvasser to sell Super Draw lottery door-to-door in Scarborough on behalf of SAFC. All agreed. This appointment will tie in with increased level of publicity for Super Draw with posters and SEN announcements. JH to action.

c) Stewarding: Some stewards have questioned if training is required. MR to find out from steward at SUFC as to rules and regulations. CR questioned the urgency of this and SC suggested that the requirements of stewards may be governed by the ground safety certificate.

3. Discussion with Supporters Club representatives

The Board welcomed Craig Patton (CP) and Sharon Hunter to the meeting. CP offered his congratulations for a successful first season.

a) CP had concern regarding future arrangements of financial split of revenue from joint SAFC and Supporters Club events. SC suggested that there should be no joint events. CR objected, as long as events and arrangements are organised prior to the event. SC proposed that Supporters Club control Christmas Draw with the revenue split 50/50. CP to take to Supporters Club committee

b) WD proposed, where necessary two Supporters Club committee members and two SAFC officials meeting together to make arrangements for, and creating a calendar of events.

c) Golden Goal/Golden Gamble perceived competition in sale of tickets. As the main day of revenue generation for the club, AT proposed that the Supporters Club Golden Goal competition was in direct competition with Golden Gamble sales. After lengthy discussion, the Board voted 6:4 in favour of continuing to allow the Golden Goal sales but in a different area of the ground.

d) CP agreed to take up the Board’s previous offer for a slot at the start of Board meetings to discuss issues in future.

4. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

Matters arising:

Code of Conduct: All signed by Directors, to be published on website.

Archivist and Historian: To be arranged between JH and Steve Adamson.

5. Regular items

5.1 Manager and team issues

As published, the pre-season fixture list is nearly complete. Concerns were expressed over the cost implications for some of the friendlies. However, no coaches are required to transport players any of the matches.

SC to speak to AB and BF regarding the reserve team.

5.2 Finances

KS reported on ongoing budget plans for 2008-9. Based on the same average attendance as 2007-8 with an increased playing budget, the Club could expect to make a reasonable profit next season. The average attendance required for break even is 380. These are provisional figures pending finalisation of sponsorship deals.

Quarterly reviews of finances will be reported on and published. KS to produce for the period April to June 2008 in July. This may take up to 4 weeks produce as the process of counting funds, banking and entering into Sage completes.

5.3 Ground latest

There is no further confirmed news to report. Various Board members are continuing to meet with parties involved with proposals over the ground.

6. Advertising and sponsorship plans and report

JH produced an advertising and sponsorship programme although due to time shortage, the Board were unable to discuss.

AT confirmed kit and kit sponsorship confirmed for the season. Name of kit sponsor to be released soon.

7. Honorary Life Memberships

BC confirmed that according to the Rules, the Society is permitted to award memberships of affiliate/associate status that gives the member recognition but no voting rights. The Board is very keen to recognise certain individuals and make a gesture of life membership of the Club. However, there was concern as to how to label this type of membership. The term “Life Member” suggests membership of the Society with voting rights. RA to think of appropriate term.

8. Scarborough Ladies FC update

BC met with several committee members of Scarborough Ladies FC on Tuesday 14 May. Ideas and club details were exchanged and there was a strong indication that the two clubs could work a lot closer in future. It was decided that such a partnership could definitely be mutually beneficial. Scarborough Ladies FC were kind enough to invite BC back for further meetings in future and SAFC hope that a strong partnership can be forged.

9. Date of next meeting

Falsgrave Community Centre, 16 June 2008, 7.30pm.

10. Any Other Business

  • Admission prices for next season will remain the same. Season tickets will go on sale July 1. By this time it will be confirmed at the AGM how many teams are in NCEL Division 1 and if any benefits can be secured for concessionary season tickets.
  • WD organising open fans forum due in July.
  • JH has organised a town centre stall for Saturday 28 June. This will be an opportunity to take orders for season tickets and shirts.
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