Craig Hogg, Darren Phillips and Joe Lightowler have all played matches for Boro whilst under suspension by the East Riding County FA.  In the case of Phillips and Lightowler, these suspensions were already in force when they registered for Scarborough Athletic.  Hogg’s week long suspension came into force a number of weeks after the start of the season.  In all three cases the suspensions were from previous clubs. 

When new players register for Scarborough Athletic, the North Riding County FA notifies the club of any current or impending suspensions for the player in question.  We received no such notification for either Phillips or Lightowler.  Similarly, Scarborough Athletic FC received no notification of the impending suspension of Hogg. 

All three players were suspended from play by the East Riding County FA.  Player information of this type should in theory be shared between County FAs.  It appears that this system of information sharing is broken, and that we are not the only club to have suffered from this communication failure.  The issue was raised at the Northern Counties East League general meeting on Monday evening, so the league board are well aware of the problems. 

Scarborough Athletic is expecting to receive official notification of the punishment later this week, along with details of the appeal procedure. 

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