Minutes of the 9th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:
Ben Courtney (BC)
Chris Rooke (CR)
Andy Troughton (AT)
Sandra Troughton (ST)

Richard Adamson (RA)
Simon Cope (SC)
Andy Crossland (AC)
Matt Flinton (MF)
Dan Gadd (DG)
Anthony Gough (AG)
David Hanson (DH)
Stuart Keith (SK)
Matt Lawson (ML)
Steve Smith (SS)
David Wild (DW)

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

2.1 Public Liability Insurance

Nothing done. ST awaiting confirmation from AG that Town Centre Management will allow us to advertise in the Town Centre on the required dates. ST to e-mail AG to confirm current status.

2.2 Publicity

In light of the confirmed ex-players currently attending, publicity in the SEN and on YCR and Radio York is due to go out this week. BC to liase with SC to confirm who has been contacted at Sheffield Utd. BC to contact anyone at Sheffield Utd who hasn’t been so far. Once resolved, media to be contacted and then on Seadog Trust website.

It was suggested to have a section on the website for Launch Party, regularly kept up to date with lots available and confirmed attendees.CR to regularly update Launch Party Working Document to record latest developments.

2.3 Share Acquisition

Not discussed.

2.4 Membership Issues Bank account: Bank had one query regarding FSA registration which was resolved same day by ST and BC. No queries since, presumed that the account opening is going with no problems. Hopefully opened by the 27 October 2006.

Membership form: Progress unknown, SC to report next week. Share certificate: Ongoing.

3. Launch Party

3.1 Content

CR to deal with putting video clips on presentation which includes mission statement and aims. For Q+A session, 6 people maximum on the stage available. Guess the weight of the cake: Cake to be made by BC. CR to contact Imaginative Icing re: Icing of it. ST to liase with AG about chocolate manufacturers re: chocolate football. AT dealing with how to display Auction Lots and how to keep safe with equipment. By those present it was decided that providing food on the evening was essential, considering that the event lasts potentially 6 hours and that some of those who have accepted have a 90 minute journey prior to the event. BC and CR to speak to the St Nicholas this week regarding how best to manage this considering the uncertainty over numbers. As a side, providing food may offer reduced rates in terms of function room price and accommodation price for any attendees.

3.2 Auction Lots

Acquisition of lots is going reasonably well at this early stage. As an addition, ST to write begging letters to the large Supporters Trusts of the country e.g. Man Utd which has a membership of 32,000.

3.3 Invites ST to contact Sports Council Members for which addresses have been acquired. ST to also contact the other high profile figures discussed. All invites outlined in the minutes of the last meeting have been sent and replies have started returning.

CR dealing with Local Saturday and Sunday League representatives, Local FA and North Riding FA.

3.4 Sponsorship No offers of sponsorship as yet from those contacted. In addition to those contacted it was agreed CR would contact Plaxtons, Raflatac and Kingspan. Should there still be no reply from w/c 30 October 2006, BC and CR to arrange appointments with businesses to talk face to face.

4. Date of the Next Meeting The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, Sunday 29 October 2006, 7.30pm.

5. Any Other Business

ST suggested more issues should be officially voted on rather than just discussed and decided informally. Agreed by those present.

ST contacted James Hunter regarding co-ordinating Town Centre advertising. Queries coming back included poster production and acquiring a table. AT aware of somewhere to get table. AG poster production in progress.

ST to discuss the Supporters Direct contribution with Jacqui Forster at SD. Also, to discuss the issue of expenses with SC.

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