Minutes for 16th Board Meeting

1. Present:


Richard Adamson (RA)

Anthony Brown (AB)

John Clarke (JC)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Wendy Danby (WD)

James Hunter (JH)

Chris Rooke (CR)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)

President John Fawcett (JF) (in part)



2. Welcome to Mick Rooker, SUFC. Discussion.

Mick Rooker sent his apologies as he was unable to attend at late notice due to other commitments.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

Matters Arising:

3.1 Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct delegated to BC to complete

3.2 Contract for Brian France

SC has sample contracts from other clubs. From these, an appropriate contract will be put together urgently which will be submitted to the Board and to a lawyer and then to Brian to sign.

3.3 Co-option to the Board

SC proposed the co-option of Kevin Smith. This follows the budgetary work Kevin has submitted and presented to SC, ST and BC. It is considered that Kevin can provide significant financial expertise to Board meetings in areas in which it lacks and aid the Club’s financial strategic direction. Co-option appointment unanimously agreed.

ST confirmed that solicitor Richard Grunwell would be happy to be available for legal advice as and when required. Richard is considering the possibility of actual co-option to the Board.

3.4 Business Plan

Dave Holland has submitted a Business Plan template to BC and SC week commencing 17 March. BC and SC to work on.

3.5 Easter Monday match guests

JH has issued a number of ground tickets as a gesture of goodwill to a number of sportspeople in the town. Scarborough Rugby Union, Scarborough Athletic Club, Scarborough Ladies Football and Danny Price have all been invited. These guests will be given relevant hospitality as there is no match sponsor on Easter Monday.

4. Regular items

4.1 Manager and team issues

Brian France and AB have met with Jamie Waltham regarding the circumstances surrounding his further ban. Jamie played 10 minutes for a Hull-based local league side in a meaningless cup competition. He wasn’t listed as being a substitute for the game but one of the substitutes who were hadn’t attended. Jamie took the place of this substitute and was then reported to the local FA. He now has a 21 day ban.

Ben Neves (Physio) has left the Club. We currently have a well qualified sports therapist covering (Karen Hankey). In the long term a new Physio has been arranged who has previously worked with Rugby League side Hull KR.

Following the significant delay to attend to Dave Thompson at the Tadcaster game, AB has submitted a complaint letter to the ambulance service and all relevant authorities.

4.2 Finances

ST presented latest profit and loss information. Many thanks to ST.

4.3 Supporters Club queries


4.4 Ground latest

As publicised, SC, BC and RA met with Council. There is still the strong intention to have the football club back in Scarborough asap. Clearly, for any arrangements for 2008-9 the Club are needing to make budgetary plans now. The advantage of the co-option of Kevin Smith and the budget program he has submitted means that changes to the budget and knock on effects can be seen in an instant.

SC has also been speaking to Patrick Waterhouse in case of need for a survey of a site, in order to assess work to be done.

5. Communication with fans

The Board have been made aware that their communication and engagement with fans could be better. The Board may be available at matches but many fans may find it difficult to approach them. As fans themselves, the Board take this problem very seriously. As a result a number of measures were agreed:

  • WD to provide suggestion box that will be available at all matches
  • 3 open forums a year to be introduced in addition to the AGM
  • Newsletter to become a monthly Club and Trust newsletter rather than a quarterly Trust-only newsletter
  • WD to be appointed Fans Liason Director.

The Board have had recent meetings with the Supporters Club and these have gone well and are very productive.

Issue raised regarding fans choice of Club shirt design. SC knows of a company used by FC United of Manchester who will provide more bespoke design. Designs could be submitted or, more likely a number of designs could be requested from the company and fans could make a choice. This method of kit selection will be considered when making a choice mid season next season for 2009-10.

6. Reserve Team

JC, AB and Brian France visited Hutton Cranswick regarding having our proposed Reserve team playing there. The team would be accepted to the Humber Premier League (step 8). AB has negotiated a similar deal to that with Bridlington. There would be a very low rental fee and Hutton Cranswick would take any refreshments sales. Hutton Cranswick will take care of staffing.

AB has candidates interested in Reserve Team coach, physio and kit man positions.

AB submitted the general proposal. However, no figures had been put together on paper. This is to be submitted to Board asap outside of Board meetings as the deadline for submission of teams to the Humber Premier League for 2008-9 is imminent.

Other issues to be resolved: Would Humber Premier League and Hutton Cranswick allow us to change grounds mid season if necessary?

N.B. NCEL may be setting up a Reserve League in the future.

7. Life membership proposals

Deferred until next meeting

8. 2008-9 budget plans

A request to increase the playing budget has been submitted by Brian France through AB. The Board agree that they wish to support Brian in his quest for promotion from whichever league the Club is in and there will be an increase in the playing budget to reflect this. The exact increase figure cannot be agreed until relevant cost pressures for next season have been finalised. However, there will be an increase.

9. Promotion of final game of the season

The Board are looking at compiling a list of invites for the final game. These include:

  • Mayor of Scarborough
  • Chair of East Riding Council
  • Relevant Councillors
  • Richard Grunwell
  • Robert Goodwill MP
  • The Newby family
  • Mitch Cook
  • Derek Megginson
  • Stuart Canvin
  • Andy Standing

10. Date of next meeting

Falsgrave Community Centre, Monday 14 April 2008, 7.30pm.

11. Any Other Business

End of season presentation evening for player of season awards. This will be held on Saturday 3 May with ST proposing £5 for a ticket. Further details are to follow with the entertainment and activities.

JF and AB are continuing to follow up the Sportsman’s Dinner with negotiations with Steve Hamblett.

JH questioned when season tickets go on sale. Agreed that this cannot happen until we are sure which league we play in (due to the difference of number of games played in relevant divisions).

The Board agreed that gifts for the volunteers who worked hard for the Club at every match should be given.

The Club have been called before the NCEL to answer fans misbehaviour charges. RA and JC to attend Thursday 20 March.

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