Minutes of 8th Board Meeting

1. Present: Richard Adamson (RA)

John Clarke (JC)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Wendy Danby (WD)

John Fawcett (JF)

James Hunter (JH)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Chris Rooke (CR)

Mick Rooker from Sheffield Utd (MR)

Peter Stone from Sheffield Utd (PS)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)

Apologies: None

2. Welcome

The Board was pleased to welcome Mick Rooker and Peter Stone from Sheffield United. MS and PS were present to discuss the Super Draw that is administrated by Sheffield United. The Super Draw ran with the old club with around 200 members which generated around £100 a week for the club. All members have been contacted to state that funds will now go to Scarborough Athletic FC. Only 3 members have withdrawn as a result of this. MR has agreed to take a programme advert and board advertising at Queensgate. The Trust is committed to promoting the scheme as much as possible. SAFC receives 50p in every £1 ticket sold for very little time commitment. The Trust will arrange links on the website and leafleting at home games. MR to provide leaflets in consultation with BC.

MR insisted they are willing to do anything to help including identifying information regarding the Pindar School/Sheffield Utd “link up”. Jason Rockett is more than willing to meet up with members of the Board at Bramall Lane. Appropriate dates to be identified and proposed.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

3.1 Membership recruitment

No progress. RA to contact SEN for features with membership forms. JH to contact Brunswick Pavilion and/or Town Centre Management to arrange a stall in town after the previous success.

3.2 10 Below Zero

Launched now with over 50 participants. Cut off date for entrants is 1 September. General feedback is extremely positive. The relatively low numbers may be beneficial to perfect the game and resolves problems before a major marketing campaign for next year.

4. Regular items

4.1 Manager and team issues

Tracksuits: 30 Nike Tiempo tracksuits received and have been sent off for embroidering of badge. The squad should have these by the end of August.

Substitute Board: Although not required in the friendlies, this must be used for every substitution in official games.

Kit: This must travel in the coach with the squad.

Martin Ferrey: Banned from 3 September 2007 to 18 January 2008.

4.2 Travel issues

Advertising of the buses to away and home matches is continually being advertised. Currently, numbers for on the bus to home matches is low and hopefully the continued advertising will resolve this. To be monitored. This bus service is essentially a community service and Supporters Direct (SD) advise that the Co-op are very interested in supporting Industrial and Provident Society community services. SC to liase with the Co-op and SD regarding potential funding.

It is envisaged that the new Supporters Club will co-ordinate the travel for fans.

JF – railway station pick-up point may put some fans off as there is nowhere convenient to park. Proposed further pick up point at Weaponness. JC to arrange with bus company.

Travel to grounds around Leeds may put some fans off travelling on the bus as the bus is still going to Howden to pick up the squad. For such occasions (Tadcaster and Yorkshire Amateur), a second bus to be provided for fans to go direct from Scarborough.

4.3 Ground latest

SC, BC, ST met with Jim Dillon (Chief Executive of Council) and Tom Fox (Leader of Council) on 15 August. Nothing further to report. The covenants remain in place. Council’s pre-emption rights also remain. The liquidators have still not triggered the sale and so the Council’s 28 day window to purchase has not started.

The old club was liquidated as Creditors required payment so it would be expected there would be further news shortly.

4.4 Finances

  • The Trust currently has £21,000 in the bank.
  • Season tickets sales are over 90.
  • A further 46 shirts and 100 scarves have been ordered. The scarves should be available from 25 August. Stock sheets to be drawn up.
  • Sage package has been ordered.

5. Elections

  • From now until mid-September Election Supervision Group to be recruited and advertise elections, encouraging nominations for candidacy
  • 24 September: Canvass nominations by distributing nomination forms to all members
  • 5 October: Deadline for receipt of nomination forms for Board posts
  • 8 October: Invite members to hustings with information on candidates • 27 October: Hustings and affirmatory ballot if less candidates than available positions
  • 29 October: Distribute ballot papers (if more candidates than available positions)
  • 12 November: Deadline for return of ballot papers (if more candidates than available positions)
  • 23 November: Announce results (if more candidates than available positions).

6. Match day management review post Sutton game.

  • Duplication of First Aiders issue resolved
  • CR to put together a pre match/during match/post match check list with times
  • Close 1 turnstile at 3.10pm at the latest
  • Ballkids to arrive at 2.30pm. Marnie Cope administrating
  • Double sided white board required
  • Team sheet to be printed at match. Cost 20p
  • Fans going from the turnstile into the bar are to have their hand stamped so they can re-enter the ground. This is to differentiate from those who have entered through the bar.
  • PA system to be connected properly so it can perform as well as it can do
  • Stewards – to post on SS for volunteers. SC to acquire high visibility bibs

Match sponsors for first game are Ardent Finance. ST to speak to Peter Smurthwaite regarding their hospitality. Proposed arrival at 2.30pm, drink before, tea/coffee at half time, drink after.

SC to liase with visiting officials.

500 programmes for the Barton game. 300 for Rainworth.

7. Fundraising

Proposed events:

  • A day with Brid fans incorporating a football match during the day and a quiz evening
  • CR proposed dance night.
  • SC to contact Hull-based company that organise events for organisations.

8. Website updates

BC to review Trust website.

9. Date of the next meeting

Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, 10 September 2007, 7.30pm.

10. Any Other Business

None due to time constraints.

NOTE: Membership cards design approved by Pykes on 17 August. BC to organise printing and distribution.

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