Minutes for 17th Board Meeting

1. Present:

Board Richard Adamson (RA)

Anthony Brown (AB)

John Clarke (JC)

Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Wendy Danby (WD)

James Hunter (JH)

Kevin Smith (KS)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)

President John Fawcett (JF)

Apologies: Chris Rooke (CR)

2. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Contract for Brian France

Contract with BF agreed and signed. Contract until June 2010.

4. Regular items

4.1 Manager and team issues

AB provided assurances over revenue for reserve team. SC proposed agreement to reserve team. Seconded by JC. Unanimous support. AB to tie down sponsorship commitment as soon as possible.

Pre season games – matches with Pickering, Winterton and Frickley agreed. For home friendlies, to look into matches with Sheff Utd, Hull City, Port Vale.

AB – availability of Bishop Burton facilities for training from next season. Available Tuesday, Thursday, also Saturday for 6 weeks pre season. Also, the Club aims to use the facilities at Pindar School once a month.

Pricing agreement with Shoreline buses to matches next season agreed by JC.

Bus to Pontefract failed to leave on time from the train station due to waiting for a supporter. This bus is primarily the team bus and must leave at the correct time. JC to ensure system is in place to ensure that someone is on the bus to make sure it is punctual.

AT reported that both new kit and sponsorship talks were progressing well.

4.2 Finances

SC, ST and KS to finalise budget for next season.

SC proposed increased information for members regarding finances. On a quarterly basis, publish information to members regarding expenses and income. Seconded by JH and agreed 9:1.

Aim to change year end with FSA next year to coincide with season.

4.3 Supporters Club queries


4.4 Ground latest

No further news. SC to arrange further meeting with Ian Anderson with BC and RA.

Agreement in place to continue to play at Bridlington next season.

5. Code of Conduct

BC has circulated Code of Conduct to all Directors and all agreed. All to send email to BC confirming their acceptance of the terms of the Code of Conduct.

6. New Membership Database

BC and Steve Smith went to London for further meeting at Supporters Direct offices regarding new CRM membership database. SAFC are one of the pilot clubs to test the system. The database will allow the Club to disseminate information much quicker and easier via email and SMS, enable us to track payments more simply and allow easier data management and audit trails. In short, the company assure us that the system can do anything the Club wants it to if we ask. The database should be implemented by the end of May.

7. Corporate membership

As Seadog Trust website will merge with SAFC, ST proposed consideration as to what will happen for the corporate members. Proposed that, for £150 annual fee, the corporate member will be advertised on rolling advert on official site homepage with a link to a page for sponsors. To re-sell this feature to corporate members due for renewal. A sales package to be put together to attract new members.

8. Merge of Seadog Trust/SAFC

JH working with Steve Smith to merge the two websites in the close season. Aiming to be finished by 1 July. The brand of Seadog Trust will be completely dropped. This is to avoid confusion that there are two organisations. Seadog Trust and Scarborough Athletic FC are essentially the same as the Trust owns and runs the Club. JH to work on wholesale rebranding.

BC to review the Society Rules and also propose name change from Scarborough FC Supporters Society Ltd to Scarborough Athletic FC Society Ltd.

9. End of season celebratory party

All arrangements made.

10. Honorary life memberships

JF proposed introduction of this and has a number of candidates to propose. Board agreed in principle to introduce an honorary life membership type. BC to check Society Rules as to how this will work.

11. Date of next meeting

Falsgrave Community Centre, 22 May 2008, 7.30pm.

12. Any Other Business

A further issue regarding spectator behaviour has been raised following the Pontefract Collieries match when a supporter was ejected from the ground following an incident late in the second half. It is confirmed that a letter has already been sent by the Referee to the North Riding FA. Following previous problems with SAFC spectators this season and a fine already, it is likely the Club will be punished further. BC to contact the individual involved and invite to a disciplinary hearing. BC, WD and KS to sit on disciplinary panel.

BC to invite Rt Hon Greg Knight MP to final game (MP for Bridlington area).

Miss Scarborough provisionally booked for 2008-9 kit launch, date to be announced.

SC – suggested appointment of club archivist and historian. JH to look into this.

Sporting Dinner, to be held on 18/10/08 at the St Nicholas Hotel, will cost £35/head.

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