Minutes of the 12th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:        Richard Adamson (RA)

                        Simon Cope (SC)

Ben Courtney (BC)        

Andy Crossland (AC)                                        

                        Andy Troughton (AT)

                        Sandra Troughton (ST)


Apologies:       Matt Flinton (MF)

Dan Gadd (DG)

Anthony Gough (AG)

David Hanson (DH)

                        Stuart Keith (SK)

                        Matt Lawson (ML)

Chris Rooke (CR)

Steve Smith (SS)                      

David Wild (DW)


2.         Minutes of the Last Meeting – matters arising

  • Council contacted regarding lack of Councillor replies.  There is a Sports Council meeting that night which may be the problem.  However, Robert Goodwill MP is coming
  • Season ticket holders from this season invited
  • Richard Jackson at Derby has been contacted regarding Derby shirt and ball – ongoing
  • We have the rugby tickets – England v South Africa 25/11/06
  • AT has all auction lots/raffle prizes and is putting together list, pictures and order
  • Supporters Direct have been contact for information to put on display boards.  Jacqui Forster is also coming to the Launch
  • Seadog Trust has voted for Sean Hamill, Brian Lomax and Kris Stewart for election to the SD board.


3.         Website

The new version of the website should be up and running by Friday 17 November. 

AT will take a picture of all auction lots and send them to SC who will upload them to the current website and new one when it is working.  It will have the lot number, a description and a picture.

Our website editor has left his position due to other priorities.  SC will take on the role temporarily.


4.         Membership Issues

  • SC to speak to designer of share certificates to finalise
  • Unanimous decision to have rolling membership.  Whenever a membership is taken out it will be due for renewal 12 months from that date
  • Membership cards will be a pressing issue after the launch party
  • For printing any membership cards, AC to be consulted first regarding options
  • Membership forms have started to trickle in.  RA volunteered to take any standing orders to banks.
  • Polite reminder to all working party members to fill out their forms and show us their money!
  • Family membership: BC to ask on Yahoo Group as to how 2 sets of details are collected on a membership form as there will be 2 members (therefore needing 2 signatures).


5.         Supporters Club stall at Launch Party

 No reason as to why this should not be allowed.  Unanimous.


6.         Launch Party

For the meet and greet, the two girls from SFC have agreed.  To get T-shirts for them with Trust logo (SC).

RA to get name badges for us all.

Quiz prize: Champagne and Theakston T-shirt.  AT to arrange.

AC confirmed the provision of projectors and laptops.  AC/BC/RA available on afternoon of 23/11 to set up hotel venue. 

BC to confirm size of projection screens and relay to SC.  BC also to confirm when venue is available from to set up.

AC to confirm make and model of projector and relay to SC.

AC and RA to provide display boards between them.  We will have SD information, our Trust information, player profiles and a list of all those who have sponsored and/or donated prizes for the auction.

In order to laminate, AC must be provided with all the information to go on display boards by next week’s meeting.  James Hunter to do all 12 player profiles.  BC to collate Trust information, Sponsor information and SD information.

W/C 20 November, BC to call all ex-players coming to confirm and to mention Q+A session and their willingness to participate.  For Q+A session we need a radio mike – ST to speak to DJ to confirm his equipment and his set up time.

SC to speak to Mitch Cook and Jason Rockett regarding their willingness to make a speech.

SC to draw up “a line” for the Trust to take on the night as to what we say regards our future plans.

SC to issue press release at the end of this week finalising who is coming and what auction lots are available.

CR to arrange compere for the evening.

Ex-managers to chase up – poor response so far.  Ray McHale and Ian Kerr have given their apologies. BC to speak to AG.

BC to send room dimension to SC to work out room plan.


Auction Lots

There has been concern that some auction lots may command higher bids if they were auctioned nationwide rather than just at our auction (e.g. FC Barcelona pennant, Rugby tickets).   It was decided, unanimously, that the aim of all of these lots was to attract as many people to the party as possible.  An FC Barcelona pennant is a huge pull and therefore must be auctioned at our auction.  To maximise profits however, it was agreed to try and advertise this on as many football message boards around the country as possible to advertise it.  With the ability to accept remote bids, this will hopefully maximise profits.
Incidentally, the rugby tickets will be auctioned at the rugby club this coming Saturday.  The tickets are for a match just 2 days after our auction and are therefore unlikely to fetch a huge sum or much interest.   At the rugby club they may well do better and we will get a mention.


7.         Date of the Next Meeting 

The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, Sunday 19 November 2006, 7.30pm.


8.         Any Other Business

Book: “Prawns in the Game” highly recommended.  Incidentally, in the future the Trust could become an “Amazon Associate” and recommend things to our members.  We would then receive some proceeds from any sales.

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