Minutes of 10th Board Meeting

1. Present:

John Fawcett (JF)

James Hunter (JH)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)


Simon Cope (SC)

Chris Rooke (CR)

2. Minutes of the last meeting

2.1 Membership recruitment/publicity

JH highlighted 15 December as a possible date for Brunswick Pavilion stall. A fee may need to be paid but merchandise could be sold. JH to enquire. Public Liability Insurance will run out soon – ST to renew.

2.2 Match Day management

Safety certificate – Chris Webb was contacting CR. ST to contact Brid and discuss with CR for latest.

Provision of food for Directors of opposing teams has been resolved by ST.


  • Table/booth to be reserved for sponsors and JF to look after the sponsors in that area.
  • Laminated certificate to be produced for sponsors as a memento of the day. JH to design.
  • Sponsors to choose man of the match. In absence of sponsors, SEN representative could choose. JF to discuss with Martin Dowey.
  • Sponsors to be mentioned over the tannoy before the game, at half time and at full time.
  • Match and Ball sponsorship cost to be reduced to £20 per person.

2.3 Under 19s

See point 4.

2.4 President’s Role

Omission from the previous minutes:

  • The President is not a member of the Board of Directors but can attend Board meetings
  • The President is elected by the Board and not the members and can be removed by the Board
  • The President takes a full role in proceedings at Board meeings.

3. Regular items

3.1 Manager and team issues

JC reported on a number of issues with potential fines for the club. However, many of these are due to administrative misunderstandings. Indeed, in one instance the East Riding FA have admitted that they have failed to inform us disciplinary penalties carried over from the previous season. JC to continue to try and resolve these issues. ST to speak to Tony Brown regarding any fines that are due loss of kits from last season.

3.2 Travel issues

A bus was booked to travel to Hall Road Rangers. However, this was not required as many of our players are from Hull so the Supporters Club requested that they take the bus for supporters. Unfortunately, the bus did not quite break even and with the bus in the Trust’s name, the Trust was liable. SK suggested that the Trust pay this difference this time but should the Supporters Club take on the bus again, they should take the liability.

The sponsorship of the bus travel to Bridlington has begun with prices of £2 for adult and £1 concession.

3.3 Ground latest

See point 4.

3.4 Finances With Trust and football club finances together, VAT thresholds may be reached within a 12 month period. It was agreed the Trust needs to explore all means to avoid the thresholds being met for as long as possible. ST to discuss with Steve Lloyd at Winn & Co regarding how our income can be split.

RA: Trust funds (memberships, donations) should only be fed into the club if the club really needs it. That is, gate receipts needs to cover the weekly expenses of the club.

3.5 Supporters Club

a) Merchandising

AT has found prices for production of polo shirts, hats and fleeces. AT has been offered 3 samples sizes of polo shirts to use as a sales tool. They can then be produced to order.

Badges – 100 SAFC, 750 Trust.

Keyrings – 100. Mugs – 100.

Car stickers – Board to post suggestions for the what the car sticker should say to the Board’s email.

Christmas cards to be ordered for the club to send out.

Fridge magnets to consider.

AT to administrate all of the above.

WD to discuss with Steve Brennon in market vaults regarding sales through him.

b) Player of the Month

Supporters Club aim to collect votes for player of the month that the Supporters Club will administrate. All agreed this is an excellent idea.

c) Christmas Draw

It was proposed that the Supporters Club administrate this. To discuss with Craig Patton. Sheffield Utd have offered a number of prizes.

4. Meeting with Sheffield Utd officials 2/10/07

BC, SK, AT, ST visited Sheffield Utd and met with various officials including the McCabe family and Jason Rockett.

The Trust had key issues that needed addressing, particularly the status of the U19s set-up and the returning senior football to the Borough.

U19s: The Academy is currently affiliated to Pindar School. It is fully sponsored by Sheffield United. This is why the U19s have SUFC kit and tracksuits. SUFC needed to take on the Academy in the summer otherwise it would have been lost as the Trust and SAFC was in no position to administrate it. Now SAFC is more established, SUFC insist that the Academy must be mutually beneficial and that SAFC also see the benefits of talented young footballers in the area. Scott McCabe is to sponsor a meeting between himself, the Trust, Hugh Bellamy and Mitch Cook.

The ground: SUFC asked for a brief background of what had happened with the ground recently. BC stated that the ground was in the hands of the liquidator although last week the Council had agreed to exercise their right to buy the ground although a purchase price had not been agreed. They made a swift estimate of the purchase price and a decision was made for Jason and Scott to contact the Council and Begbies Traynor the next day with a view to acquire the ground. BC to contact Scott McCabe 6 October for further development information.

On a further note, SUFC were pleased with the recruitment of Super Draw players. An additional incentive was offered for more recruitment. For each new player, SAFC will receive £5 in addition to the 50p in every £1. There is no administrative costs or time incurred. Trust to actively promote the Super Draw at the Tadcaster game and all forthcoming events. Links must be put on the website.

5. Contacting the League

JC should be the only person contacting the league regarding anything to do with the football club. This includes fixtures rearrangement and player status. BC to post a reminder on Surfing Seadog.

6. Crowd behaviour policy

Further to incidents at matches this season, BC to write report on the appropriate punishment for those misbehaving at matches. Also, notices will be posted in the bar reminding supporters of good behaviour. As the fans own our football club, it is the fans’ responsibility to ensure that all supporters behave and that any adverse incidents are reported to the Board.

7. SD National Conference

None present able to attend the meeting.

8. NCEL general meeting - attendees

Monday 22 October, 7pm. SC and JC to attend.

9. Match sponsors

As discussed earlier.

JC, JH and JF take responsibility for this.

Match sponsorship will be offered to Ardent Finance when we do not have a match sponsor to evaluate our progress in improving the experience. Jason Rockett and Mick Rooker have offered assistance in acquiring sponsorship.

Proposed that we ask for a comment from Jason Rockett to put inside the commercial brochure.

10. Date of the next meeting

Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, 29 October 2007, 7.30pm.

11. Any Other Business

JF proposed that the Trust Board needs a Vice Chairman. All agreed. To be appointed after election of the new Board.

Sportsman’s dinner at golf club in November. 7 (+?2) to attend to be funded by SK.

Mascots at games. There will be no charge for mascots and the Supporters Club can invite juniors whose birthdays are near to the game in question to be mascots.

Sports Forum with Radio York. RA and SC attended. The issue regarding sports reporting in Scarborough was raised and of publicising SAFC results. Radio York insist they are announced at 5.30pm on each Saturday.

Meeting with Tom Fox. SC to arrange pending information from Scott McCabe.

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