Minutes of the 11th Working Party Meeting

1. Present:        Richard Adamson (RA)

Ben Courtney (BC)                                                        

                        Andy Troughton (AT)

                        Sandra Troughton (ST)


Apologies:       Simon Cope (SC)

Andy Crossland (AC)

Matt Flinton (MF)

Dan Gadd (DG)

Anthony Gough (AG)

David Hanson (DH)

                        Stuart Keith (SK)

                        Matt Lawson (ML)

Chris Rooke (CR)

Steve Smith (SS)                      

David Wild (DW)


2.         Minutes of the Last Meeting – matters arising

·         Auctioneer dealt with – John Read from Comedy Club

·         No progress as yet with Compere

·         Hotel can provide projection boards for presentations but no display boards

·         6 rooms booked at hotel now

·         Harry A Dunn is sending his tie

·         ST and BC written letter to 150 medium sized companies for sponsorship

·         Public Liability Insurance done and used

·         Membership form completed

·         Bank account opened, awaiting stationary

·         Share certificate approved by us last week.  To remember that those 4 signing the constitution must be the first 4 members.

3.         Launch Party


3.1        Invites

Vast majority of letters sent.  BC to contact council Monday morning to find out about Councillors not replying. 

Further letters to send:

  • Ray Kemp (A F Rayspeed)
  • All ex-Directors
  • Roasters (has this been followed up?)
  • Paul Olsson
  • Tony Outhart 

To check with SC how invitations to season ticket holders going and the database of responses.

Ex-players confirmed attending now are: 

  • Jason Rockett
  • Ian Ironside
  • Steve Richards
  • Michael Coulson
  • Gareth Williams
  • Harry A Dunn
  • Jeff Barmby
  • Kenny Dennis
  • Derek Exley
  • Sean Marshall
  • Chris Dale

3.2               Auction Lots 

Comprehensive list of over 20 items now for Auction/Raffle/Quiz prize.  We will not now need to actually buy any lots from any football clubs.  Items are still coming in and we will have plenty.  However action needs to be taken for any “promised items”: 

  • BC to contact Richard Jackson re: Derby shirt and ball
  • CR to follow-up England Rugby Union tickets

AT to put together list of all items collected.  All these items must be given to AT to centralise.  Then we can photograph the items and put them on the website.


3.3               Content

RA to get some display boards.  ?AC to source some too.  Items for the display boards:

  • Details on Seadog Trust, who we are and aims
  • Supporters Direct board – BC to contact SD
  • Ex-player profiles
  • Profiles of other Supporters Trust (possibly Exeter, Altrincham, AFC Telford) 

Working Party members to have badges at the event to make them clear.  RA to arrange.

For the event, teams will be arranged to deal with different aspects of the night.  These teams were discussed briefly with recommended volunteer numbers but is subject to change: 

  • Membership team – RA + minimum 3 volunteers
  • Quiz – AG to co-ordinate with assistance at result time
  • Auction – AT + 3 volunteers
  • Food – voucher system to ensure high profile attendees get fed.  RA to print vouchers.  2 volunteers incl. C Troughton
  • Press and meet, greet and minglers – all others

Minimum of 8 volunteers required. 

Raffle - ?Licence required – AT to check. RA to check with brother to see if he’ll sell the raffle tickets.  ST to organise float for the night.

Following auction there is to be another membership drive.  “Trust membership for Christmas” 


4.         Publicity and Advertising

Town Centre Stall: Several people saw and it raised awareness.  By no means was the stall overrun with queries but the steady stream of people did show a genuine interest in what was happening.  Good connections were made on the day.  If done again the stall would be much more visual – signage, higher, bigger, display boards etc. 

BC had spoken to Don Robinson who came out in full support of the Trust and wanted to speak to the SEN about his views.  He was also happy to come out and show his support in the week before the Launch Party.

SEN showed interest in doing profile and pictures of the Working Party.  SC to distribute the questions they gave?  Picture to be arranged for Saturday. 

SEN advertising to be costed just for interest.  Likely to be prohibitively expensive.  BC to check.

YCR may agree to do countdown to Launch in week running up to it.  BC to ask if enquiring about Compere.


5.         Supporters Direct Elections

SC unavailable to discuss with.  However, ST and BC agreed that Brian Lomax, Kris Stewart, Sean Hamil and possibly Elaine Dean would be our nominations.  To consult with SC.


6.         Date of the Next Meeting 

The Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, Saturday 11 November 2006, 11.30pm.


7.         Any Other Business

A massive thankyou goes to Stuart Keith from the Trust for funding the printing costs of leaflets for both the Town Centre publicity and leafleting at the ground before matches

ST brought up the issue of the website which needs urgent updating.  We are sending out letters to businesses which refers to our website and the links they’ll get from it.  If they look at it they are unlikely to be impressed at the moment.

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