Minutes of 11th Board Meeting

1. Present:

Richard Adamson (RA)

John Clarke (JC)

Ben Courtney (BC)

Wendy Danby (WD)

John Fawcett (JF)

James Hunter (JH)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)


Simon Cope (SC)

Chris Rooke (CR)

2. Minutes of last meeting:

2.a Crowd Behaviour Policy

On going. BC to complete and issue. To be approved when the new full board is in place.

2.b SD Annual Conference

Attended by SC. SC not in attendance to deliver a report, however the understanding is the meeting was very beneficial and a worthwhile event. SC to update at next meeting.

2.c NCEL General Meeting

Attended by SC and JC. Meeting was attended by all NCEL Chairman and Secretaries. There was a discussion over a clampdown from match officials regarding the use of bad language by players. Clubs to take action to warn the players bad language will not be tolerated. Discussion also regarding funding within the league.

3. Regular Items

3.a Manager and Team Issues

None that the board are aware of, other than suspension of Ryan Blott for 14 days between October 29 and November 11, and suspension of new player Richard Medcalf this coming weekend.

3.b Travel Issues

Home game bus routes – BC to contact Jon Wood to ensure correct bus route is adhered to following a detour at the Tadcaster game in which two people waited at the correct place but the bus bypassed the pick-up point. This was due to a route taken through Crossgates to collect three other supporters – away from the original route. Crossgates can be added to the route for these supporters as long as the driver takes the same route into Eastfield via Manham Hill to re-follow the original route. Further publicity for the bus is to be sourced and used – to encourage more supporters to use this cheap and effective facility.

Away travel – JH raised a point from the Supporter’s Club (SAFCSC) meeting of Thursday October 25 regarding the costing of the away travel buses. The SAFCSC raised an issue of only 9 fans using the bus to travel to Bottesford on October 20, due to the high cost (£10). The SAFCSC discussed the viability of a set price of £10 for each trip. The board discussed that as away buses vary in price match to match, the set price was not sufficient to cover all costs. The board agreed that in order to attract more travelers on the away buses, the cost should be lowered and RA will make arrangements to work out costing and liaise with the SAFCSC. This will allow a cheaper price to be charged to supporters. If however continued low numbers of supporters traveling on the buses becomes an ongoing issue, the club may need to arrange separate player travel to avoid higher expenditure.

Gedling Town away November 3 – Major roadworks are expected on the M1 and A1 this weekend. JC to contact Martin Dowey at the SEN to ensure those traveling down by car are aware. The Official Site webmaster should also be made aware.

3.c Ground latest

Nothing new to report, the situation is still on-going with both Sheffield United and Scarborough Borough Council working on their interest in purchasing the McCain Stadium. BC , WD and ST in meeting with Scott McCabe, Hugh Bellamy and Mitch Cook on November 14 to discuss matters.

3.d Finances

Badge donation - £300 donation to the club from Walter Sowersby for ‘End of an Era’ badges. The club is extremely grateful to Walter for producing and selling the badges with his own time, and raising such a substantial amount of funds.

Replica Kit - WD reported that both home and away shirts are still in stock in various sizes and still selling well. Orders can still be taken and Wendy will take all stock to matches to enable sales. Shorts and socks are still in stock also, but have not sold as well.

Sponsorship Thank You - JH to write a letter and send a copy of the programme to all advertisers and sponsors thanking them for their input so far. Include an SAFC Sponsorship Prospectus also.

Player budgets – ST commented that any savings made on the player budget should be reallocated into other areas which have been unbudgeted for and need financing. Board agreed. Indeed, this line of action should also prevail with any and all areas in which savings are made and budgets unspent.

3.e Scarborough Athletic Supporter’s Club

Away Travel – See point 3.b

Christmas Draw – Plans are going well for the SAFCSC Christmas Draw with many prizes secured and plenty more being sought. Trust members will each receive a book of 10 tickets at £1 each to sell, with those unsold being returned SAFCSC members will also receive one book of tickets. This will lead to a cross-over of those who are members of both, but due to time constraints and the lengthy process of distinguishing between the two, the SAFCSC would send out to all regardless. JH raised a point from the SAFCSC meeting regarding a possibility of the SAFCSC utilizing the Trust Corporate Sponsors to attract further prizes. It was agreed that the SAFCSC was doing superbly well at arranging their draw prizes and that the Trust Corporate Members couldn’t add to this significantly. ST stated the SAFCSC should be applauded for their great work in arranging the draw. JH to relay back to the SAFCSC.

Mascots – JH raised a point regarding mascots at game. It was overwhelming agreed that the SAFCSC would be able to have as many mascots at matches as they wished. It was stressed that the SAFCSC would need to control this fully as club officials and volunteers have an already busy schedule on matchdays. JH to relay back to the SAFCSC.

4. Points deduction and Fine

JC stated that as of Monday October 29 he was still awaiting official confirmation from the NCEL that the points deduction and fine is occurring. From the date the letter is received the club have 14 days in which to decide whether to accept the decision or appeal it. The board unanimously agreed that due to the harsh circumstances in which the punishment has been given, an appeal would be the correct course of action. Evidence is being, and will continue to be, gathered from all parties relating to the matter to ensure our case in complete and without flaws. RA to liaise with JC and Tony Brown to collate the entire factual case for presentation to the NCEL.

For the record the club wish to state that it has always acted in good faith and had done everything within it’s capabilities to ensure players were eligible to play for the club at all times.

BC to devise a ‘tick-sheet’ to be used upon the signing of all players to safeguard any future occurrences.

5. Election latest

Hustings occurred on Saturday October 27 at Queensgate, and were successful despite the low turn out of members. Ballot papers due to go out this week (w/e November 3) which will include a stamped addressed envelope for return to the ESG for official checking and counting. The deadline for returns is November 19 and the result will be announced the following week. BC explored utilising the membership database to e-mail as many as possible and therefore save cost. However this was not possible to provide a secure mechanism for the ballot.

The board wished to thank Tony Taylor for his help in chairing of the Hustings and his on going support with the whole election process.

6. Decision Making Process

BC stated that all decisions effecting the club and trust should be made at board level and under no circumstances be made without board approval. Once the board is reconvened following elections, the possibility of sub-committees to look after certain areas of the administration of the club will be looked at to ensure smooth management. RA said a re-working of board meetings should occur following the elections to allow Trust and Football issues to be discussed separately. A more formal meeting schedule should be set-up.

7. Disabled Facilities at Queensgate

Following a complaint to CR regarding lack of disabled parking at home matches, ST to speak to Bridlington Town about the possibility of having disabled parking spaces allocated near the turnstiles.

8. Corporate Structure

BC - Any decision to be deferred until the new board is in place.

9. Club Badge

Following on from the St. Nicholas Hotel Forum in July. There it was stated that the use of a re-worked version of the SFC club badge would be used for SAFC and a vote would be taken later to decide next season’s design. The board decided that a vote would be organized via the Trust Newsletter to allow members to vote to either keep the current badge with seagull on a ball motif, or have a brand new one designed. RA to cover in the December newsletter, and JH to run a piece in the match-day programme.

10. Membership Renewals

BC and RA to liaise and organize. Membership form has been re-designed to include renewal data, and forms are being set up using the Trust membership database to ease completion. These are to be sent via email/post as and when required.

11. Date of Next Meeting

Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, November 22 2007, 7.30pm

12. Any Other Business

AT - We have about 50 posters for Superdraw from Sheffield United which are A3 size. Anybody wanting any or any good ideas for where they should go to contact AT. AT has already distributed 30 of the posters.

Membership badges and cards will be sent out with election ballot papers in order to save on expenses for sending all three separately. Sportsman’s Dinner November 8 at North Cliff Golf Club. SK funding for 7 attendees. Shirt, Jacket and Tie dresscode. SK raised the issue of players not having long-sleeved shirts to play in. It was agreed players should fund their own under-garment to play in if required. AT raised the issue of the management team asking for training tops for the players to wear whilst warming up now the cold weather is coming in. JH to source sponsorship and look at pricing on JJB Teamwear. AT/ST to source other garments with Pineapple Joes.

JF asked if club ties were a possibility to be produced. Overall feeling was the cost of purchase would outweigh the demand for such an item. AT showed prototypes of key-rings and fridge magnets due to be put on sale. Car Stickers and mugs soon to be available also. AT to order 75 Christmas cards to send out as necessary.

JH passed around copies of an article in October’s ‘Programme Monthly’ magazine, which featured SAFC and the programme. The article featured contact details for collectors to send off for a copy of the SAFC vs Barton programme from August. Through this 25 back issues of that programme had been sold, creating £40 extra revenue. JH to look at getting a programme review in the Non-League Today paper, which requires sending of three different copies to them.

JH showed design for calendar he is producing for the SAFCSC. The possibility of the club purchasing an amount of the calendars was raised, to send out to sponsors and advertisers. The cost was found to be too much for the club to pay having not been budgeted for, and given the earlier proposed sending of programmes with a thank you to letter to the same sponsors. It was agreed that it would be more beneficial for the SAFCSC to sell all calendars they produce at a top end price and use the funding to further their support of SAFC and it’s fans.

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