Minutes of 7th Board Meeting

1. Present:

Richard Adamson (RA)

John Clarke (JC)

Simon Cope (SCo)

Ben Courtney (BC)

 John Fawcett (JF)

James Hunter (JH)

Stuart Keith (SK)

Chris Rooke (CR)

Andy Troughton (AT)

Sandra Troughton (ST)


Stuart Canvin (SCa)

Wendy Danby (WD)

2. Welcome

The Board was pleased welcome John Clarke, John Fawcett and James Hunter.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

3.1 Publicity

  • Publicise the games for the coming month at the start of each month
  • Advertise game and travel with SEN, YCR and Radio York each Friday
  • Picture to be arranged with Shoreliner buses for arranging travel to Brid
  • Sand sculpture – JC to speak to Derek Exley regarding players attending sculpture for picture. BC and CR also to    attend and any others
  • Facebook for publicity creating events – SCo

3.2 Sponsorship/advertising

5 advertising boards sold:

  • Nick Finch
  • Swift
  • AF Rayspeed
  • Becky Powell
  • SS

 2 other possible boards that JC is awaiting calls for.

7 ½ pages of the 9 available pages already sold. All adverts where artwork has been submitted have been completed. All invoices have been sent out for those who have advertised.

Match/Ball/Player sponsorship

For match day sponsorship £30 a head for up to ten delegates which includes food, drink and a certificate for the day.

Player sponsorship: £50 a season giving the name of the sponsor in the programme.

3.3 Merchandising

SCo has been speaking to Rob Sadler regarding the club badge. Considering popularity of the shirts the Board felt that introduction of further basic merchandise such as scarves, mugs and car stickers. More shirts need to be ordered. WD to arrange.

4. Regular items

4.1 Manager and team issues

Players who are played or make the bench are paid, no others. Win bonuses to be discussed with Brian.

Although the Board are regularly speaking to the management team, more formal monthly management meetings to be arranged after a home game.

Brian requested that for travel to away games the team have official tracksuits. BC to order with match balls.

Any equipment required will, where possible, be bought locally. Steve Brennon in the market vaults has offered to provide us with whatever we need at heavily reduced prices.

4.2 Travel issues

The bus service to home games will continue to run and numbers reviewed regularly. For away travel for the team and supporters quotes from a variety of companies are being obtained.

4.3 Ground latest

Nothing to report. SCo to arrange meeting with council.

4.4 Finances

The Trust currently has £16,500 in the bank. This continues to rise despite all the expenses currently been incurred.

Season tickets have brought the club over £1000. Over 75 have been sold.

SuperDraw run in conjunction with Sheffield United has brought the club £335 in 3 weeks.

Pykes sponsorship of membership cards: BC to give them deadline to submit artwork. If nothing is submitted, alternative sponsors will be sought.

5. Match day officials and logistics

SCo suggested there should be someone in charge of logistics on match days – CR to manage.

Stewarding – 6 required. To ask those currently stewarding at Bridlington. To be paid.

Programme sellers – 4 organised.

ST to sort out where gate receipts etc can be counted.

WD to be involved in meet and greet (sponsors and opposing officials).

CR to continue with match day management.

6. Further membership recruiting

To arrange feature in SEN with registration form for membership.

JH to find dates available in the Brunswick to repeat membership recruitment in town centre.

7. 10 Below Zero

Due to be launched 1/8.

To have press release and advert in SEN – contact Denise.

8. Elections

Provisional date for election is 17 November 2007. BC to have full timetable of key dates for next meeting.

9. Date of the next meeting

Upstairs Room, The New Tavern, 16 August 2007, 7.30pm.

10. Any Other Business

John Fawcett offered a role at the club. JF stated categorically that although he would love to be club President would want to await John Birley’s decision first.

Admission tickets to ground have been organised.

Raffle for the first game. Prizes to include Black Death Vodka ice bucket and champagne.

Telephone service – SK to research.

Business cards for Trust Board members to be acquired through Elizabeth Jenkinson-Northy of Done and Dusted Cleaners.

Teversal away game. Fancy dress in suits to be advertised – to be advertised on website first.

SAGE computer package to be ordered. ST to organise.

Beached: Admission for 4 people for all 4 days in the sponsors area arranged.

Complimentary programmes. For referees, visiting directors and managers only.

Keith Crowe ordering of programmes. Keith always orders over and above the normal print run of programmes so in no way “takes programmes off” supporters who go to games. Recent publicised comments insulting Keith have been extremely unfair and without basis. BC has spoken to Keith regarding this.

To organise official thank you to both Peter Smurthwaite and the Rosette (loan of kit) for the help they have given in recent weeks.

Car pool. A website has been identified where this can be administrated for free.

Fundraising suggestion: CR contact by an exiled fan who aims to visit every NCEL ground in a weekend.

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