NPL Lotto gives you the chance to bet on a non-UK lottery and win life-changing prizes twice a week whilst also supporting Sports Traider.

Unlike traditional lotteries, where the prize pool is distributed from the sale of tickets, when you purchase a 'ticket' for NPL Lotto you are placing a bet on the outcome of the German national lottery. This means you can expect on average jackpots of £7.5m with rollovers of up to £40m.

To place a bet all you need to do is simply select six numbers from 1 to 49 and one 'Legend' number from 0 to 9 and keep your fingers crossed!

Draws take place every Wednesday around 6pm and every Saturday between 7pm and 10pm. Six numbers (the main numbers) are drawn, plus with the 'Legend' number. Lotto bets cost £1.50.

NPL Lotto Homepage

How do I bet at NPL Lotto?

  1. Select six numbers from 1 to 49 and one Legend number from 0 to 9 or click Quick Pick for a random selection.
  2. Select the draw days and the number of weeks you want to place bets for.
  3. You'll be asked to log in, or open a NPL Lotto account if you don't already have one. Simply follow the prompts to place your bets and once completed, your lotto bet details are stored safely in your account. You can see your bets at any time in the Lotto Bet History.

How do I find my lotto bet?

Your lotto bets are saved in the My Account area under the Lotto Bet History tab. All accepted lotto bets are recorded here and you can access and print your bet details at any time.

What happens when I win?

If you win you will be informed either by email, SMS or by a change in the status of your lotto bet to "Win" in the Lotto Bet History of your account.

How does a subscription work?

You can make sure you never miss another draw by ticking the option marked 'Subscribe to NPL Lotto' on the game panel. When you make a subscription lotto bet the same lotto numbers will be bet on every draw automatically until further notice. You can view or cancel your subscription lotto bets at any time in the Lotto Bet History area. Subscription bet cancellations are processed at the end of the current period e.g. if you selected a period of 4 weeks, your subscription will stop at the end of that 4-week period.

What are free lotto bets?

Free lotto bets enable you to bet without using your own cash balance. You can win free lotto bets by matching just the Legend number (0.5 bets awarded) or by receiving free promotional vouchers from time to time.

When can I bet at NPL Lotto?

Lotto draws are held on Wednesday evening (around 6pm) and Saturday evening (between 7pm and 10pm). The deadline for betting on the next draw is indicated by the countdown timer on the betting panel. Please note, if you start to place a lotto bet before the deadline but do not submit it successfully before the deadline has passed, your lotto bet will not be accepted for that draw.

Where can I find results?

Results are published as soon as they become available on the Results page, where you can also search for the results and winnings breakdown of previous draws.

How long until the results are known?

The results are published on the NPL Lotto website as follows:

  • Wednesday's draw results and winnings breakdown are published on Thursday.
  • Saturday's draw results and winnings breakdown are published on Monday.

Winnings will not be paid until the results have been published on the NPL Lotto website.

What is Sports Traider?

Sports Traider is a youth-focused charity offering youngsters the kit and support they need to discover and fulfill their sporting ambition and potential, whatever their background, ability or disability. For further information on Sports Traider click here.

How much goes to NPL clubs & Sports Traider?

NPL Lotto is operated by Lotto Network. NPL donates all proceeds that it receives from Lotto Network directly to NPL clubs & Sports Traider. From every purchase 20% of the bet stake goes to NPL clubs and 6% to Sports Traider.